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Anderson Silva Interview – Discusses Franklin, Wanderlei, And Shogun

The following is an interview conducted by with Anderson Silva a couple weeks ago:

Tatame: Was there any difference in this new fight against Rich Franklin?

Anderson Silva: He seemed to be stronger, more motivated than the last time, it was difficult to hold his neck in the clinch, it maybe seemed to be an easy fight, but it wasn´t.

T: So you think he came to this fight more well prepared?

AS: Yes, he was more prepared and was tougher.

T: Do you think Shogun became tired or didn’t adapt himself to octagon in his debut in UFC?

AS: I think that there´s a moment in life that you must stop and analyze what you are gonna do and what you are not going to do. He was married recently, and seemed that he didn´t train properly. I don´t know exactly what happened because I don´t have much contact with him anymore, but he´s a good athlete, has a good heart and must understand that defeats happen in our life, it´s natural to have ups and downs. I think he´ll return in great style, he must be calm, and forget the past.

T: There are people talking about that Wanderlei’s debut against Chuck Liddell. What advice would you give to him?

AS: I think the first thing he should do is to be together with people interested in help him to reach his objective and train a lot. I have a good friendship with Chuck but I´ll cheer for Wanderlei because he´s Brazilian but its a very hard fight for both of them. But I don’t think it will happen.

T: So you confirm that Feijão will soon be in UFC?

AS: In my opinion he should already be there. I talked about him with the guys from UFC.