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Steroids Found In Sherks Supplement

According to, One of Sean Sherks Supplements manufactured by Xyience was found to contain amounts of 1-androstendione:

Seven tests totaling $3,000 were conducted on supplements Sherk took before his bout against Hermes Franca. One such product was the Xyience-branded “Xyience Xtreme Joint Formula.” Five capsules were analyzed according to a report supplied by Don H. Catlin, M.D., president and CEO of Anti-Doping Research, Inc.

“No anabolic steroids were detected in four of the capsules,” Catlin wrote. “In one capsule 1-androstendione was identified.”

As for the one capsule of “Xyience Xtreme Joint Formula” in which 1-androstendione was identified, the company said it has halted all shipments of the product until it can conduct independent testing by a certified lab.

“While we are confident that Xyience products do not contain anabolic agents or any illegal substances,” said Susan Wierzbicki, Director of Quality Assurance, Xyience, “we are taking this report very seriously.”