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Fedor To Fight In On New Years In Japan?

The following is translated from Fedor Emelianenko’s official website:

“They say whatever you wish on the New Year’s Eve will come true..”

For some reason, this song from kid’s cartoon (a very famous old Russian cartoon) comes to mind after reading emails sent to Fedor by his Japanese fans, that he has been receiving in an intensive fashion for the last couple of months. And it is nearly impossible to reply each of them individually, so Fedor has requested the manager of the website to display his reply to Japanese fans in the news section of the website.

The core message contained in emails received from Japanese fans was as such: ” For the last four years Fedor Emelianenko has fought on the New Year’s Eve in Japan, giving his fans some of the best fights. And now after Fedor has signed with M1, Japanese fans are worried that they are not going to be able to see him fight anymore…However, how we Russians say “hope dies last”, well, lets give Fedor an opportunity to say for himself:


Receiving emails from fans is always a very nice thing. And it is especially so, to receive them from my Japanese fans. Because for the last couple of years I have celebrated the New Year and my victories in their company. Also, in the last couple of years i have truly started to regard seriously the Russian saying that goes “How you spend the New Year’s Eve, the way the rest of the year is going to be…”.

Being in this country (Japan) itself is a celebration and a special event. The most interesting culture, a very rich history, beautiful and kind traditions. Me and my team, that accompanied me in all of my tours, miss this country a lot.

However, when you have a strong desire, the main thing is not to give up halfway, and keep trying to reach your goal. From my side personally, I have approached the M1 management, and received the full understanding about my request to fight in Japan on the New Year’s Eve.

Now it is all about, whether we are able to organize a tournament of the kind we and the Japanese public are used to see. So now I am talking to you MMA fans: I, personally, and the M1 management will give our best efforts to bring you a tournament, on the New Year Eve of 2008. I will be sincerely happy if our dreams come true!

With all due respect,

Fedor Emelianenko