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Official Micheal Bisping UFC 78 Blog – Week 2

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Hi guys. Training has gone extremely well this week; so well that I’ve realized I was even more over-trained for the last fight than I originally thought. Two weeks away from my fight at UFC 75, I felt tired and just wanted the fight to come and go so I could relax.

But now, two weeks out from UFC 78, I can’t wait for the first bell, and I am really excited and looking forward to it. I am counting the days until I fly over to America.

As I said last week, me and Rashad isn’t a grudge match. I like the guy and respect him as a fighter but of course, all that doesn’t mean I’m not going to go all out to beat the crap out of him at UFC 78 – especially as he seems to be dismissing me as an opponent.

I read Rashad’s column on the other day and also watched his video interview, both with great interest. He seems to be saying I think I am better than I actually am, that I am fooling myself into a false sense of security or whatever and am even taking it easy in the gym because I believe my own hype.

For Rashad to think I am arrogant in my own ability is complete rubbish. Look at my interview, I’ve always stressed I am learning as I go along, that I am a few steps behind the top of the division. I have never, ever, ever thought “I’m undefeated, I am great, and so I can take it easy” or believed my own hype or anything like that.

That’s just not me, that’s not the sort of fighter or sort of guy I am and I’ve got a gym full of people, not to mention my family and friends, who’d tell me if I ever started acting like that and set me straight.

Over the last year or so we’ve had all sorts of writers, TV crews and media at the Wolf’s Lair gym and you can watch the footage or read the reports – I train full blast – to failure – every single time I train.

If Rashad is hoping for an early Christmas present, he better ask Santa for something else because I’m not going to gift this fight to him by coming in underprepared!

But it is very interesting that Rashad thinks I’m the kind
of guy who reads a few magazine articles on himself and thinks “Yeah, I’m pretty great aren’t I?” and skips going to the gym for a few weeks.

That may be your attitude, Rashad, but it’s not mine.

Rashad also seemed to think the only thing I’ve got going on that works for me is my attitude to fighting, as though my game in itself isn’t anything to worry about.

MMA is 50% mental but there are plenty of fighters out there with great attitudes who never even make it to the UFC.

Let me tell you Rashad – I’ve got a lot more going for me that my attitude. There’s a lot to my game and I’m looking forward to setting you straight on a few things. One of the things I won’t be setting straight will be your nose! 😉

Give me some credit, Rashad. You know yourself that getting to 15-0 takes a bit more than a self-help book and a bit of Positive Mental Attitude!

Like I said, I’ve seen the video where he said he’s a better fighter in every aspect of MMA. You’re jumping the gun a bit there Rashad. You are seriously deluded and you are gonna get a rude awakening – if “awakening” is the right word to use for someone who could find themselves knocked out – on November 17. 😉

Funny story, I did a taped interview for the Buckethead radio show, which is a big show out of Tampa.

The interview will be played the week of the fight, which of course allows them to edit the interview before hand.

Anyway, at one point I got the distinct impression they wanted me to disrespect the American National Anthem. They were saying that the British anthem is great and inviting me to take a swipe at the Star Spangled Banner, which they were saying was boring and too long and they wanted me to agree with that.

I laughed and said “Hey! I’m already hated enough on the US fans’ forums as it is without slagging off the Stars & Stripes!”

I got my big break in the US; as if I’d go around slagging off their national anthem!

Those sneaky bastards! 😉

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