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J.K. Noons On The UFC: "They are crooks, straight up."

J.K. Noons sat down with MMANews To discuss a variety of topics. Below is a quick excerpt from their conversation:

J.K. Noons On Randy Couture, and the UFC:

I think it is great for the sport. I mean look at the PPV numbers, quote me if I’m wrong, but they are grossing like what 30-40 million on PPV buys? And then they are paying their fighters like under a million per card? They are crooks – straight up. I wish a lot of fighters would stick up for themselves and get paid more instead of just taking it. I hope Randy sets an example and hopefully all the fighters start to get taken a little better. It’s hard doing all the things it takes to be an MMA fighter. Most of the money should go to the fighters.