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Brad Imes Interview Part 3 – Weighs In On Couture, The UFC Pay Structure, Tim Sylvia, And His Future

The following is part 3 of’s exclusive 3 part interview with Brad Imes. In part 3 of our sit down, Brad gives his thoughts on the Randy Couture situation, the UFC pay structure, his future in mma and his good friend and training partner Tim Sylvia.

MMAFightline: What are your thoughts on the Couture/Dana situation and what was your initial reaction when you learned of Couture’s resignation?

Brad: I was pretty shocked because Randy’s been the poster child for the UFC for a long time now and kind of held up as an icon. I think it hurts the UFC that he resigned the way he did, not having a whole lot of good things to say about Dana and the UFC. Which is Unfortunate, I don’t know the whole situation, but I hope Randy is successful. Everybody likes Randy, he’s good for the sport.

MMAFightline: There has been much made of the UFC’s payscale situation. How have your experiences been with the UFC?

Brad: I have no complaints about how the UFC treated me. [UFC President] Dana [White] was always very good to me, and right now I’m making more money, but they put you on a reality show and you sign a contract before the show even starts. And there developing a personality for the show and then they cash out when you get off, and they don’t pay you a great deal of money but it’s their marketing machine that gets you where you are so. I’m not gonna ever say someone gets paid more than there worth. You know people say “I can’t believe this guys making so much money. He’s over paid.” No he’s not, you market yourself to the point where you get paid. If Brock Lesnar get paid a million dollars because he’s in the WWE, God bless him. I hope that everybody can do that. I just hope that the salaries keep going up. It’s a sport that is really popular right now and there’s a lot of money to be had and I’m sure that there’s enough to go around.

MMAFightline: Your training partner and good buddy Tim Sylvia just beat Vera. Any ideas about what’s next for Tim?

Brad: I don’t know anything about what coming up for Tim, but I would say that if there’s gonna be a heavyweight title fight than Tim definitely deserves to be a part of it. You know he had it before Randy and him being the UFC’s most dominant heavyweight in recent memory I think that he certainly deserves a shot. A lot of people are talking about Nogueira…I think that Nogueira should probably have to fight somebody for the right to fight Tim, but I can’t see the UFC having a fight [for the vacant heavyweight title without Tim being involved in it

MMAFightline: You train with Tim up at Miletich. How often do the two of you train together and how do your skills match up?

Brad: We train together pretty regularly, a lot depends on who’s fighting when and how healthy each of us are. As big guys we get a lot of aches and pains from time to time. But yeah we train regularly. As far as the match up, Tim’s stand up is really good being a boxer/kickboxer so he definitely has the upper hand on me as far as that goes. You know, when we grapple…he doesn’t like grappling with me a whole lot. That’s as much as I’ll say about that. There’s also a big difference between Tim in the room and Tim in the ring. I think it’s the same way with me, and a lot of guys that are good fighters. You see a different side of them come out in the ring. Tim’s belt level goes up, I think, two degree’s when he gets in the ring. I don’t know how it works, but he’s almost triangle choking people like Jeff Monson.

MMAFightline: So your saying he’s a gamer.

Brad: He is a gamer. People always ask me when I’m gonna fight Tim, and I always say that we’re not gonna fight each other. There’s a lot of people that are really good friends of mine that I train with, and we’d never fight each other. It’s good to talk about but it would never happen. If you want to see us go at you can come up to Bettendorf, Iowa and watch us practice. You’ll get a good show.

MMAFightline: So when will we see Brad Imes climb back into the cage for a high profile, big time fight?

Brad: Certainly with in the next twelve months, I think I’ll be climbing back up there. You know, I’m really starting to round out my skills and my ring experience. So here in the next twelve months I’ll probably be right back up in the mix. But I think this has been a good time for me. It’s not like I’m struggling to get by or anything. I’m doing well. I’m getting fights and I’ve got some sponsors so things are going well.

MMAFightline: Is there anything that you’d like to say to your fans or any sponsor shot outs?

Brad: Yeah, thanks for sticking by me. I’ve met a lot of people in my travels, and they’ve all been good to me. As far as the sponsors, don’t forget to pick up some Warrior Wear stuff and some Shocker Nutrition products. would like to thank Brad Imes for taking time out of his busy schedule do sit down and talk with us.

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