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Matt Hughes Comments On The Joe Scarola Situation

The following question was fielded by Matt Hughes on his personal website,

How do you think you would have handled the Joe Scarola situation if he had been on your team?

Well, I really don’t know what i would have done; but I do think I could have kept him on the show.

First off, I know I got bleeped this week, but what I was saying was definitely not the “f-word.” I’m human and I get mad just like everybody else, so I’m really not worried about that one slip.

One thing I want to say about tonight’s episode is that J-Rock fought a good fight; but the one thing bad about ‘production’ is the fact that I can talk good about J-Rock’s fight for 59 minutes and then say something critical for a minute and all they show is that one minute. At the end of J-Rock’s fight I was frustrated. I believe J-Rock was a lot better than he showed in that fight, so that was what got me down.

I didn’t really know what to think after his fight, but to be honest I was getting used to not winning the fights so it wasn’t making it any worse. At this point, I was just thinking that I’ve got one more guy. Tommy is a guy that I wanted to hold back until the very end, because he’s a lot like me and I think I have a lot I can show him. So actually I’m just trying to be realistic and thinking that I’ve still got one more guy that I can try to get into the next round.

As far as what’s going on at the house with Team Serra, I didn’t know anything about that so there’s really nothing I can say.