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Matt Hughes Official Blog For TUF 6 Episode 7

Matt Hughes official week seven blog courtesy of

I was pretty frustrated with all the losses we’ve taken so far. I don’t know if I was ready to walk away because, kinda like I said on the show, anybody can quit. It takes a man to stay in someplace when he doesn’t want to be there. I wasn’t gonna quit, but I wanted to express to my team that they need to shape up and that they need to start giving it 100 percent. Some of them were quiet when I spoke to them, but I did feel that I was getting a hold of them and I felt like I was doing my job as a coach, I really did.

Mac Danzig wasn’t too happy with the way I was coming down on the team, and he expressed that on this week’s show. I’m glad that Mac has his own opinion and I think he did a heck of a job on this show being a teammate. After watching this episode, I’m really happy with Mac. I could care less that he didn’t understand what I was doing; that doesn’t bother me a bit. What I was glad to see was that he was there for his team, and I was glad to see that transition in him.

But when it comes to my motivation this season, I admit I’m motivated in any type of competition, whatever it might be, but my number one priority here is to get somebody into the finals. My number two priority is to make the guys better fighters for down the road. After those priorities are met, then comes my personal competition with Matt Serra, the guy who’s been saying this and that about me.

Serra’s weekly comments are definitely amusing me. I don’t know where his train of thought comes from, because during this whole show I really didn’t say anything to him. And as far as psychological games before our fight in December go, I didn’t put that into it. I was more worried about my guys than he and I fighting at the end.

As for where we’re at now, I’m just trying to figure it out, kinda like last week. I just can’t figure out whether it’s me or my guys. In this week’s fight, J-Rock (Jared Rollins) went out there and was definitely trying to win the fight. I know in the post-fight interview I was saying all kinds of good things about J-Rock, but the only clip they showed was me saying ‘J-Rock was just going out there and doing moves.’ I think he fought a good fight, he just got a little conservative out there and really wasn’t trying to do any damage, nor was he really trying to take George down.

And for the record, standing up the entire way wasn’t the plan whatsoever. The plan was definitely to get him down and I thought J-Rock was going to have the upper hand down there. We went through a lot of striking on the ground and how to really create damage down there, but it never really got down there for more than a second.

Next week is the final first round fight, and I know Tommy (Speer) is gonna give 100 percent, no doubt about it. There’s no quit in him, and he reminds me a lot of me. If there’s one guy I think I can really count on, it’s Tommy, and one of the reasons why he’s fighting so late is because I wanted to work with him on a lot of things and groom him a little bit.