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Kevin Randleman Gives His Thoughts On Couture And His Plans For The Future

As we have previously reported, Kevin Randleman has been sidelined with a life threatening staff infection that has taken 2 large chunks out of the right side of his body. MMANews recently caught up with him to see how he’s coming along in his recovery and what’s in store for him in the future.

Randleman on his future:

Well once this is healed give me a month and I’ll be ready to fight anybody. I mean before these holes in my side I was training like a motherfucker. Now I’m on pain medication like a motherfucker and I have these fucking IV’s in my arm so it limits what I can do. I can’t go swimming because I have these holes. I can’t go to the gym the lift like I’d like to so I’m kind of limited as to what I can do but hey I’m content with what I can do now and I take it as a blessing. I got that fucking DUI and trust me when I say this, I was just so depressed. Can you imagine being stuck not being able to do anything because of a staph infection that fucks you up every time you get one?

Randleman on Randy Couture:

My hat will always be off to Randy Couture. I’ve known him forever. He’s a great guy and he wouldn’t do something like that unless there was a reason. He is the “Natural” Randy Couture for a reason and that’s because everything he does is natural. He’s a naturally good person and he has a naturally good character. I think it hurts the UFC that he is willing to leave them because they didn’t take care of them right.

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