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Kevin Randleman Talks About His Brush With Death From A Staph Infection

Kevin Randleman recently sat down with our friends over at MMANews. Here are some excerpts from that conversation:

Randleman on the wounds he’s gotten as a result of the staph infection:

You know they can’t close that up. They can’t sew it closed. So everyday my girl or my home nurse, they have to give me IV’s. I have a pick line in my arm. I’ve been going through this for two years now. It’s the same infection that keeps coming back every time I start training and start feeling good. I get up around 220 lbs. and start lifting and benching the same weights that I was lifting when I was feeling well and training good and fighting good. Then every time I seem to hit a brick wall that is known as a staph infection because somebody is nasty and dirty. I’m sorry but it is very simple, people should not go to practice in the clothes they wore all day and you don’t go to practice wearing the same clothes you had on after working in the yard all day that are full of dirty parasites. It’s very frustrating for me because all I love to do is train and every time I’m starting to train good someone’s nasty ass infects me.

Randleman on the fan support he’s received and his future in mma:

Man I appreciated that but I’m not going nowhere. I’ll be back. You know that I’ve only taking off three years since I’ve been fighting and I’ve been fighting for ten years. I’m thirty-fuckin-six now. I’m still young. I’m still that same aggressive mother fucker that I’ve been. Now I fight for more than just me. I fight for you man, I fight for you because you are my friend. I fight for the fans. I look forward to fighting again because I’m going to give the people something they can relate to and someone they can love. Pardon my language but I’m going to be that nigga you love and that nigga you love to hate. When I step in that cage or ring one of two things are going to happen: either I’m going to get knocked out or he is going to get knocked the fuck out. Period. It should never go more than 20 minutes. Man I’m getting all hyped up.

To read the rest of the article including a graphic picture of the infection click here.