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Brad Imes Interview Part 2 – Breaks Down Brock Lesner’s MMA Skills, Touches On TUF 2, M-1, And More

The following is part 2 of’s exclusive 3 part interview with Brad Imes. In part 2 of our sit down, Brad breaks down Brock Lesnar’s MMA abilities from his extensive time spent training with Lesnar at Miletich. He also talks a little more about TUF 2 and gives his thoughts on Fedor and M-1.

MMAFightline: You spent a lot of time with Brock Lesnar at Miletich. What where your impressions of him as an MMA fighter?

Brad: I think he’s got a lot of potential. His stand up is really kinda nonexistent, but he’s obviously a big powerful guy. And his ground game…I know, he’s a D-1 national champ but I think he’s pretty rusty as far as his ground game. I was able to pass guard on him, mount him, do whatever I wanted with him on the ground really. And he really didn’t feel that strong to me, granted I don’t grapple with anyone that feels strong to me. But, I think that one of his strengths when he was in college was that he was much stronger than everyone he went up against; and heavyweights, no matter what the sport . . . it is hard to find good ones. So, I think if he sticks with it he’ll be great. I just think it was a mistake going to the UFC so quick. And I say that from someone who knows.

MMAFightline: So do you feel that your experience on The Ultimate Fighter 2 came too soon?

Brad: I wouldn’t change it. Having been on the show and in the UFC has upped my stock a lot. So, I can go and fight and make a lot more money. But, if I was mapping out someones career I wouldn’t advise it.

MMAFightline: There seems to be a lot of big money players that have recently become attracted to the sport, M-1 being the newest promotion. Have you been approached by M-1?

Brad: Well Monte [Cox] is the match maker for M-1, and he’s my manager so I’ve spoken with him a little bit about it. And there hasn’t been any talks about me going to M-1 or anything like that, but I think that they’ve got a lot of money behind them and obviously they got Fedor signed, which is huge. I hope they’re successful, and that doesn’t mean I don’t want the UFC to be successful, but the more competition there is the more it helps the fighters. It brings in more money and gives us more opportunities to fight. It’s better than having one person holding the reins on everything, so I think it’s great.

Make sure to check back soon for part 3 of our three part exclusive interview with Brad Imes. In part 3 of our discussion Brad gives us his take on the Couture situation, the UFC pay structure, and some inside information on training partner and good friend Tim Sylvia.

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