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Rickson Gracie Set To Make A Comeback With K-1 Hero’s

According to, 48 year old Rickson Gracie (11-0) plans to come back to mma to fight under the K-1 Hero’s promotion:

Tanigawa announced Wednesday plans for Rickson Gracie’s return to MMA next spring. The FEG president said he hoped to have Gracie fight the winner of the New Year’s Eve match between Sakuraba and Funaki.

“I want to have Rickson fight as soon as possible next year,” he said. “Even if it is not in our ring, even [if it is] in another organization, I would send these champions to fight.”

While FEG had been building toward a Gracie-Sakuraba match for its New Year’s Eve show, it appears Funaki requested a big-name Japanese fighter for his return to MMA. “I’ve already lost once to Rickson, so Sakuraba is the better choice,” Funaki said.

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