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Quick Quote: Matt Hughes On Fighting Anderson Silva

There has been much made of Matt Hughes comments earlier this year in which he stated that he would like to move up to 185 and challenge Anderson Silva after his fight with Matt Serra. When Silva learned about these comments he replied that Hughes is exactly the type of fighter that he would love to compete against. MMANews recently sat down with Hughes to follow up on the possible match up.

Hughes on Rich Franklin’s recent fight with Anderson Silva:

He’s my buddy and it was hard to sit there and watch my buddy not do as well as I had hoped he would but Anderson is a good guy and what I liked about that fight was that both fighters went out and gave it there all and both fighters were respectful at the end and I’m kind of big on that. The crowd was excited and everyone was happy to see both fighters doing their best out there. It was Rich’s home-town and I’m sure everyone would have liked to see Rich be the winner but I liked it because they were both respectful at the end.

Hughes on the possibility of a fight with Anderson Silva:

Matt Hughes: It is still a possibility but right now I have Matt Serra on my mind.

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