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Dana White Claims He Has Proof Of Couture’s Paid Bonus

Both men say that they don’t want a war of words. Both men say that they don’t want to debate in the media. But both men are flatly accusing one another of lying and, through the media, have begun a war of words which may likely land the two in court and could possibly change the landscape of mixed martial arts forever.

Their latest points of contention in the aftermath of their respective press conferences, appear to be the terms and length of Couture’s contract, and a signing bonus that Couture says he never received from White.

According to Kevin Iole of Yahoo! Sports Dana White contends that Randy Couture must fight twice more, and not simply sit out the remaining nine-month term, for his contract to be fulfilled and Couture to win his freedom from the UFC.

White apparently initially attempted to take the high road and reportedly declined comment when contacted by Yahoo! Sports after Couture’s news conference. But later, White changed his mind and said Couture had not told the truth.

“Randy Couture said he didn’t receive a signing bonus, but not only did he receive a signing bonus, he cashed the check on Jan. 30,” White said by telephone from his office. “I’m holding it in my hand right now. The check was dated Jan. 15 and he cashed it on Jan. 30.

“I’m not going to debate Randy in the media,” White continued. “I understand he’s not retired. So, fine. He’s in the best fighting shape he’s ever been in and so I’ll put a fight together for him in February, because Randy is under contract with the UFC.”

Looks like the the public “war of words” that both gentlemen claim they wish to avoid is just getting started.