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Chairman of M-1 Is Confident In Making Fedor vs. Couture Happen in ’08

Mitchell Maxwell, chairman of M-1 Global, appears confident of putting together a fight between Fedor Emelianenko and Randy Couture.

“We have a two-year plan,” said Maxwell “and if we’re fortunate we can get Fedor to fight Randy Couture in September of 2008 it would accelerate our program.”

Maxwell claims to have intimate knowledge of Couture’s contract situation and is very confident in his organization’s ability to put the fight together.

He’s also stressing a two-year plan for M-1 to gain a significant foothold in the MMA world. The cornerstone of M-1’s strategy appears to be picking off fighters disillusioned with the current salary structure in the UFC and bringing in little known talent from around the world. They are also currently in broadcast rights negotiations with HBO, Showtime, and HDNet.