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New Sean Sherk Interview – Discusses Couture, The UFC Pay Structure, BJ Penn, And More

The following are some excerpts from an interview with Sean Sherk conducted with Eric Shapiro at

Sherk on BJ Penn:

Eric: How do you feel about B.J. being at 155lb now instead of 170 as a welterweight? Do you think he will lose some power dropping the weight?

Sean: I always thought that he was a better 155 pounder than he was at 170 I think he’s got better cardio, he’s more agile, quicker, and I think he’s a better fighter at 155 I always said that about him.

Eric: Are you training ground game more specifically for a potential fight with B.J. or is it just business as usual in the gym?

Sean: I train everything in the gym, I’ve been boxing for a real long time, wrestling all my life, I’ve been training jiujitsu for a long time now and I’ve got some real phenomenal people that I train jiujistu with. I’ll probably bring a couple more jiujistu guys to train with too.

Eric: Do you have a strategy in mind for a fight against B.J. Penn?

Sean: Just tire him out. I don’t care how I do it, just tire him out.

Sherk on Couture:

Eric: You’re a big name in the UFC and everybody is still talking about the Randy Couture developments, what’s your take on that?

Sean: I think Couture’s phenomenal man. I think he’s one of the best guys to ever step foot in the octagon. Like I said earlier about myself, I think Randy just wants to walk away from this sport knowing that he fought the best of the best. Right now Fedor (Emelianenko) is the number one heavyweight in the world everyone thinks he’s unbeatable and Randy wants to fight him and that makes sense. I hate to see him leave the UFC, but it makes sense for him and I support him. Randy’s 44 years old man, he’s a 4 time Olympian, 5 time UFC champion, he wants to fight the best in the world and he deserves it.

Eric: Have you ever personally experienced any of the problems that Couture claims to have had with UFC management?

Sean: I’ve never personally seen anything like that but there are other bigger organizations out there that are trying to compete with the UFC right now. UFC is obviously the big show in town and I think Randy left just because of Fedor.

Eric: People have joked in the past that the UF in UFC stands for Underpaid Fighters, do you think that has some truth to it from your perspective?

Sean: You know, they’ve taken pretty good care of me in the past year, the paydays could definitely be better I’m not going to lie to you, but they have taken good care of me and outside of the paydays you’ve got all kinds of exposure and sponsorships, appearances, etc.

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