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Jason MacDonald vs. Yushin Okami Relegated To The Preliminary Card

Later tonight, Jason MacDonald will square off against Yushin Okami in a bout that, according to none other than Dana White himself, may decide the next challenger for the middleweight championship – to bad the fight won’t be featured on the main card and may not be shown at all, unless time permits. Jason MacDonald told the reason why the fight may not air.

“It has to do with the fact that Okami is a boring fighter,” said MacDonald. “His match with Franklin was boring. Same with his fight before that. They’re concerned that he’s going to come out and be passive and not put on an exciting fight. I’ve told them I’m going to do my best to put on a show, and they have full confidence in me. But they’re concerned about which Okami is going to show up.”

“It’s certainly disappointing to go from a main card for my first four, and then go to a major fight to determine who will be the next contender and then have to worry about not being on TV.”

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