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Bas Rutten Speaks On Randy Couture’s Resignation

Randy Couture’s good friend and training partner Bas Rutten spoke recently with Mauro Ranallo of Fight Network Radio. They touched on a variety of topics, including Couture’s abrupt resignation from the UFC. Below are a couple of excerpts from that conversation:

Ranallo: You know [Couture] about as well as anybody else Bas. Did you see this coming? And what’s your reaction?

Rutten: You know, I didn’t see it coming at all. But the thing is this, and you and I both said it the best “people mess with us, you know, and it’s not a nice situation.” You work and you quit, and that’s what we did also, so you know if he didn’t feel comfortable there, I’m supporting Randy. You shouldn’t work at a place where you don’t feel comfortable or when you think that people are kind of betraying you. So I don’t know if it’s true of course, but if it comes from Randy; Randy’s not a liar. So yeah, I wouldn’t work in the same environment.

Ranallo: How do you think this is going to affect not only the UFC, but the entire mixed martial arts world? I mean Randy Couture really has become the face of the sport. You know next to yourself Bas, probably no one more popular in the sport. This is a huge loss for the UFC, is it not?

Rutten: It is a big loss, yes, it’s a big loss. I don’t see this going out good for the UFC, you know listen, the UFC’s big and they will have a little trouble of course. Just to lose Randy Couture, an Icon; that is just a very sad thing and a very bad thing for them.

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