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Full transcript of Bisping flipping out after UFC 75

The Michael Bisping – Matt Hamill fight continues to be the talk of MMA fans everywhere. In many respects, the ending of the fight couldn’t have been more perfect as the rematch between the two will be ten times bigger than their first fight.

One of the two judges of the fight who picked Bisping was told this past week not to do anymore media.

Meanwhile, The Wrestling Observer Newsletter this past week printed the transcript of the post-UFC 75 press conference where Bisping went off on reporters:

Reporter: “Do you really think you won, Michael?”

Bisping: “Of course. Don’t insult me like that.”

Reporter: “Seriously?”

Bisping: “What do you mean, seriously? You wanna go three rounds? Cheeky bastard. Of course I fu–ing won the decision. Get the f— outta here. Get that smile off your face too, while you insult me.”

Another reporter: “I think you are the only one who thinks so.”

Marshall Zelaznik (the head of UFC U.K.) stepped in at this point and said two professional judges felt that way.

Another reporter: “Do you think the judges scored the fight on volume of punching over hurtfulness of punching?”

Bisping: “I don’t f—ing know. I’m not a f—ing judge. Are you? Did you think I won the fight?”

Reporter: “No.”

Bisping: “How many fights have you f—ing judged? Who the f— are you anyway? What’s your f—ing MMA background?”

The reporter replied that he was a kickboxer.

Bisping: “Yeah, good for you. F— you. You’re a kickboxer, so f—ing what? F— off.”

Bisping later apologized for his behavior, noting on his website that his father had been attacked in the parking lot 10 minutes earlier and that he wasn’t in the right state of mind when he walked into the press conference.

A reminder that we will have live coverage of UFC 76: Knockout tonight starting at 11 PM EST.