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Fighter Pay Info From UFC Special On Spike Last Week

The following are the reported pay outs to fighters who participated on the UFC Fight Night 10 card last week. Remember these figures do not include the many unreported bonuses given to fighters after the event. This article is from

-Spencer Fisher ($26,000) def. Sam Stout ($6,000)
-Jon Fitch ($36,000) def. Roan Carneiro ($5,000)
-Drew McFedries ($14,000) def. Jordan Radev ($5,000)
-Thiago Tavares ($10,000) def. Jason Black ($6,000)
-Forrest Petz ($8,000) def. Luigi Fioravanti ($8,000)
-Tamdan McCrory ($8,000) def. Pete Spratt ($12,000)
-Gleison Tibau ($10,000) def. Jeff Cox ($3,500)
-Anthony Johnson ($6,000) def. Chad Reiner ($3,000)
-Nate Mohr ($6,000) def. Luke Caudillo ($3,000)

Total fighter pay out: $175,500

Watch all the fights mentioned above for free download at the link below.