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FightLine in the Field: MMA Platinum Gloves

From 1999 to 2002, Vengeance at the Vanderbilt was the only consistent event to host MMA bouts on Long Island, and in those early days, it was a piecemeal thing at best – maybe there’d be one or two matches, featuring Matt Serra or Phil Baroni versus some scrubs, mixed in with a dozen kickboxing bouts. And then, for the longest time, there was nothing. Of course, now it’s a different era entirely for the sport here in New York, and with these changing times comes a new Long Island-based organization: the MMA Platinum Gloves, whose sole focus is tournaments of the amateur MMA variety. It’s a lofty goal for sure, as the only MMA tournaments to ever come to fruition in the Northeast were a pair of Ring of Combat affairs, and they were pro and spread out over a few events. However, where there’s a will, there’s a way, and if the inaugural MMA Platinum Gloves show on Thursday, October 24 is of any indication, the “will” certainly is there.

The particulars were as follows: eight bouts in a cage erected in the ballroom of the Upsky Hotel, sanctioned by the UMMAF, with rules that prohibited ground and pound to the face and quicker-than-normal standups if the action stalled. The fighters – all featherweights, lightweights and welterweights – hailed from far away as Plattsburgh (in Upstate New York) to as near as just down the Expressway. Most importantly, though, is that they all threw down. Hard.

Not once did a bout go to the judges. Instead, there were submissions, like Dakota Giguere’s smooth armbar over Victor Robinson…

…Jose Rosado’s quick guillotine applied to Punhan Guliyer…

…and Richard Pabon’s rear naked choke victory over crowd-favorite Ralphie Feebus.

But there was no shortage of leather thrown either, as evidenced by the TKO victory earned by Ricardo Pigatti Jr. (over Steven Haynes) and the dominant performance of Prince Ughegbu over Fernando Saavedra.

Stuart Gordon had a strong showing, tapping Zac Rosado out with a choke…

Yet if Thursday night’s event saw any breakout stars in the making, it was Bellmore Kickboxing’s Nick Fiore, who battled Antonio Quinones well into the second round before finishing him.


The next installment of the MMA Platinum Gloves is set for St. Joseph’s College on November 16, and it’s presumed the field of 145ers, 155ers and 170ers will get whittled down even further while more fighters are introduced into the mix. Will champions eventually be crowned? Hopefully, but if not, it will still be an entertaining ride.