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Fightline in the Field: CES MMA 22

Fightline in the Field:  CES MMA 22

Fightline was in attendance for CES MMA 22 on Friday night at Twin River Event Center in Lincoln, RI.  In the main event, UFC veteran Drew Fickett was knocked out with a devastating headkick from Luis “Rockstar” Felix.  CES crowned their first heavyweight champion when Sityodtong’s “Big” John Johnston got a TKO win over UFC veteran Josh “Heavy” Hendricks.  Here is a fight-by-fight breakdown of all the matchups. 



Tom Venticinque (Team United Muay Lao) vs. Rick Rivera (Gladiator BJJ)

The welterweight fight started off with Rivera landing a straight punch and taking Venticinque down into side control.  He was able to take his Venticinque’s back and went for a rear-naked choke but Venticinque reversed it, got into full guard and landed some elbows.  Rivera went for an armbar but didn’t get it.  With two minutes left, Venticinque took Rivera’s back and got the tap with a rear-naked choke at 3:41 of the first round. 

Venticinque vs Rivera 1Venticinque vs Rivera 2

Venticinque vs Rivera 3Venticinque vs Rivera 5












Kyle Bochniak (Broadway JJ) vs. Marius Enache (Team Balance)

This one started with a feeling out process for the first minute, then Enache threw a kick that Bochniak was able to catch.  Bochniak landed some left and right hooks and got the fight to ground briefly  They were back-and forth against the fence, with Bochniak scoring a few takedowns Enache being able to get back up.  Towards the end of the round Enache landed some knees to the body of Bochniak.  They break away with 15 seconds left and circle around the cage to end the round

In the second round, Enache came out with a headkick, and a serious straight right that rocked Bochniak. He followed that up with another headkick but got cracked by a hard shot from Bochniak that dropped Enache.  Bochniak swarmed and landed some ground and pound and referee Kevin McDonald called off the bout at 1:14 of the second round. 

Bochniak vs Enache 1Bochniak vs Enache 3

Bochniak vs Enache 4 Bochniak vs Enache 5

Bochniak vs Enache 6Bochniak vs Enache 7















Josh Laberge (Lauzon MMA) vs. Steve McCabe (Team Balance)

This one didn’t last long.  McCabe landed a body kick early, Laberge immediately took his back, they scrambled back to the feet and Laberge landed some vicious knees, knocked McCabe out, who upon waking up tried to fight his corner.   Finish came at :37 of Round 1.

Laberge vs McCabe 1 Laberge vs McCabe 2

Laberge vs McCabe 4 Laberge vs McCabe 5











Brandon Fleming (South Shore Sport Fighting) vs. Robert Sullivan (Baltimore BJJ)

This was a catchweight fight fought at 140 pounds.  They clinched up and Sullivan landed a few knees to the body, took Fleming down, but Fleming got right back up. Sullivan landed a punch and knee to the body.  Fleming shot in but Sullivan backs him up against the fence and goes for a single leg.  Fleming defended for a few seconds but got lifted up and taken down by Sullivan, then Fleming went down from an accidental knee went a little too low.   When the action started back up Fleming whiffed a spinning back fist, and got taken down by Sullivan briefly, and when he stood back up and he ate a hard knee to the face.  Fleming pressed Sullivan up against the fence, and landed a few knees to the body.  Fleming landed a headkick as the round ended.

The second round started off with a headkick and right uppercut from Fleming, Sullivan went for a guillotine, but Fleming escaped, and went for a takedown. When they separated, Sullivan shot in for a takedown and ate a grazing uppercut from Fleming.  They exchanged jabs on the feet, and clinched up again.  Fleming was getting the better of the standup here.  They both tried for separate takedowns.  Sullivan landed some good knees from in the clinch.  By this point, both guys were bleeding from the sides of their heads.   They exchange a few more punches before the round ends.

The third round got underway with Sullivan throwing a good combo, and shooting in for a single leg, and getting the fight to the fence.  Fleming landed an elbow, and referee Kevin McDonald called in the doctor to check out the side of Sullivan’s head. They wiped it off and he was okay to continue. They clinched up and were back against the fence right away.  Sullivan was covered in blood right away again.  Huge gash.  Both guys landed some decent shots but also looked pretty tired.  Sullivan landed a straight left pretty often but was eating some effective counter-punches just as often.  In the final thirty seconds Fleming grabbed ahold of Sullivan and pressed him up against the fence.  Fleming won the fight by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28). 

Fleming vs Sullivan 1Fleming vs Sullivan 2

Fleming vs Sullivan 3Fleming vs Sullivan 4

Fleming vs Sullivan 5Fleming vs Sullivan 6


Andres Jeudi (Sityodtong) vs. Brendan Rooney (C3 Athletics)

Jeudi landed a jab after thirty seconds of no action.  Both guys landed some inside leg kicks.  Extremely tentative first round, Andres started to stalk Rooney with his hands down, blasted him with a right, and then a hard leg kick.

The second round started off with a trip by Rooney, and the referee stood him back up as Jeudi didn’t want to fight on the mat.  Rooney shot for a takedown, got Jeudi up against the fence, Jeudi able to stay standing.  Rooney pulled guard, Jeudi tried to land some punches on the ground.  Another tentative round, this one saw Rooney on his back looking to engage from there, and Jeudi trying to avoid the ground game.

The third round got off to a better start with a headkick from Jeudi and they both threw hard combos, but mostly missed.  Ronney was actually trying to strike in this round, with a few jabs, Rooney shot for the single, Jeudi defended it against the fence and landed a few elbows.  Push kick from Jeudi.  Jeudi dropped him, with a hard punch, and the referee jumped in but didn’t stop it.  Jeudi thought it was over, it apparently wasn’t.  Jeudi jumped into Rooneys guard looking to land some ground and pound in the final two minutes.  Rooney was working from the bottom to tie up Jeudi’s arm, and the fight ended with Rooney attempting an armbar.  Jeudi won the fight via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

Jeudi vs Rooney 1Jeudi vs Rooney 2

Jeudi vs Rooney 4Jeudi vs Rooney 2












Chip Moraza-Pollard (Cape Cod Fighting Alliance) vs. Tom Egan (Team Egan)

Egan checked a leg kick, Moraza-Pollard landed a jab.  Tentative first round, Moraza-Pollard threw a combo, Egan threw a headkick, and both guys landed a few overhands, and Egan caught Moraza-Pollard with a right hand.

In the second round, Moraza-Pollard threw a headkick that Egan checked.  Moraza-Pollard landed a super quick jab, Egan was getting caught with a lot of them.  Moraza-Pollard landed more on Egan in this round, Egan threw the first power punches of the fight, and looked for the left hook, landed a right hook.  Moraza-Pollard was picking Egan apart in this round.  Egan was looking to take his head off with looping hooks.  Still eating jabs though.  Egan landed a few body kicks.  Moraza-Pollard threw a spinning back kick and missed as the round ended.

Moraza-Pollard came out in round 3 with more jabs.  His striking was too quick for Egan.  Egan got a takedown but Moraza-Pollard got back up right away.  Egan landed a left, started landing those hooks.  More jabs from Moraza-Pollard, Egan got a takedown with two minutes left, moved into half-guard, landed some elbows as the fight came to a close.  The judges gave the fight to Moraza-Pollard by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28).

Moraza-Pollard vs Egan 1Moraza-Pollard vs Egan 2

Moraza-Pollard vs Egan 3Moraza-Pollard vs Egan 4












Charles Rose (ATT) vs. Brylan Van Artsdalen (Daddi’s Fight Camp)

These guys were pacing back and forth nodding and talking to each other when they got in the cage.  I was able to see Rosa mouth the word “I’m gonna f*** you up, boy” as he was nodding.

Rosa came out with a headkick, and he was using a karate stance to land some hard kicks.  Big slam came when Van Artsdalen picked up Rosa and smashed him down.  Rose had his arm even tighter after the slam, but Van Artsdalen got out, took his back, rolled him over, and attempted a darce choke.  Rosa got out of it an got ahold of Van Artsdalen’s arm and taps him right away with an armbar.  The finish came at 3:25 of the first round. 

Rosa didn’t immediately let go of the submission and referee Dan Miragliotta had to forcibly pull Rosa off of Vans Artsdalen, and Rosa seemed to be injured afterward, and was looking like he thought it was Big Dan’s fault from ripping him off of Van Artsdalen so hard.



Rosa vs Vanartsdalen 1Rosa vs Vanartsdalen 2 Rosa vs Vanartsdalen 3











Chuck O’Neil (Mass BJJ) vs. Roger Carroll (Team Superior)

O’Neil unloaded early with some hooks and uppercuts, which backed Carroll up against the fence.  More hooks from O’Neil, followed by a punch and leg kick combo.  They clinched up, Carroll tried to take O’Neil down, but O’Neil defended and landed a knee.  O’Neil dropped Carroll, and when he got back up he got caught by more hooks from O’Neil which dropped him again.  O’Neil was teeing off on Carroll with lots of looping hooks which rocked him again.  Carroll shot in for a double, got a hard takedown as the round ended.

O’Neil started off the second round with some uppercuts that landed.  Carroll threw a kick, missed, and Chuck teed off again, landing a kick to the face.  Carroll went for a takedown, Chuck grabbed onto a standing guillotine, and then landed a knee to the face.  They hit the mat, but O’Neil let him up, both threw a superman punch, and O’Neil followed it up with a body kick. An elbow landed from Carroll on the feet,  and a spinning back fist from Carroll hit O’Neil on the shoulder.  Carroll shot in again, clinched up against the fence.  With a minute left, Chuck took him down, and the round ended with O’Neil in half guard.

The third round started with a leg kick that missed from Carroll.  O’Neil landed a hook and Carroll has a chin.  Chuck poured it on again and backed Carroll up against the fence.  Carroll got a good throw on Chuck and took his back, O’Neil reversed it, and got in guard.  Carroll had the arm trapped, but O’Neil freed it and landed some ground and pound.  O’Neil tried to pass, and Carroll was landing some good heels to the thigh from the bottom.  Chuck O’Neil won the fight via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28). 

Fightline caught up with O’Neil after the fight, and he gave his thoughts on trying to put Carroll away in the first round.

“I hit him with some good shots, man.  I definitely can’t say that I didn’t think I was going to finish him in the first round.  I wobbled him, I dropped him, but he is tough, he’s as tough as they come.  He just kept coming forward, and kept fighting through it.”

Even though he wasn’t able to stop Carroll, he wasn’t feeling down about leaving with a victory.

“I was just happy to go out there and get that win.”

ONeil vs Carroll 1 ONeil vs Caroll 3

ONeil vs Carroll 2ONeil vs Carroll 4

ONeil vs Carroll 5ONeil vs Carroll 6

CES Heavyweight Championship:

John Johnston (Sityodtong) vs. Josh Hendricks (Superior Health Club)

Hendricks got a takedown right away, and almost finished the fight with an armbar, but Johnston somehow escaped.  Johnson landed some short pounches and elbows, but ate some ground and pound from Hendricks, and had a huge swollen shut eye that was cut.  The referee briefly stopped it to wipe Johnston’s blood out of Hendricks’ eyes (yes, you read that right), and they resumed with Hendricks in full mount, landing more punches, elbows.  Hendricks went for an armbar, Johnston reversed it, and proceed to pour on punches and elbows, causing the ref to waive it off due to unanswered blows.   Johnston wins and becomes the new CES Heavyweight Champion at 4:36 of the first round.

Johnston vs Hendricks 1Johnston vs hendricksJohnston vs Hendricks 3Johnston vs Hendricks 4Johnston vs Hendricks 5Johnston vs Hendricks 6John Johnston Post-fightJohnston post-fight




















Main Event: Drew Fickett (Team Scrub) vs. Luis Felix (NEC)

Fickett immediately ran across the cage to engage Felix.  They both land jabs, Felix jabbed the body.  Fickett landed a combo, ate another jab, and Felix landed a hard left hook. Fickett got a good clinch, but Felix reversed it, and landed a right hook on the breakaway.  A few kicks landed from Felix, followed by a headkick from Fickett.  Hard overhand right lands from Felix, and he got in some knees to the body from the clinch.  The round ended with Fickett grimacing from a knee to the body.

In the second round, Fickett came out and got a takedown but Felix got right back up.  Standing guillotine attempted by Fickett, Felix got out, landed a body kick, and fired off a monstrous headkick that landed flush and knocked Fickett out COLD.  The hometown crowd went insane and Felix remains the top ranked lightweight in New England.  The KO came at 2:29 of Round 2.  

Felix vs Fickett 1Felix vs Fickett 2Felix vs Fickett 3Felix vs Ficket 4Luis Felix Headkicks Drew FickettFelix KOs Fickett