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Fightline in the Field: CES 23

Fightline in the Field: CES 23

Classic Entertainment & Sports put on CES 23 on Friday night at the Twin River Event Center in Lincoln, RI.  The card took some hits on fight day, as the opening bout between lightweights Bobby Flynn and Tundee Odumuso was cancelled due to some medical issues involving Odumuso that afternoon.  Shortly after his in-cage warm up, local fan favorite Andre Soukhamthath found out that his co-main event fight with Josh Killion was cancelled, as Killion was arrested at the venue for an outstanding warrant from his home state of Ohio.


Fightline caught up with Soukhamthath to get his thoughts on not being able to fight.

 “My heart just dropped,” Soukhamthath said about when he was informed that his fight was off.  “It’s fighter irresponsibility, and that’s what happened tonight.”

“I feel bad for my fans.  I sell hundreds and hundreds of tickets every single time, and they come out to see me fight.  But they didn’t get to see me fight tonight.”

Even though Andre didn’t get to fight Friday night, he’s not going to take a fight without time to prepare.

“Whatever comes, I’m not in a rush.  I don’t want to just jump back in there.  I was ready for tonight.  Not next week, or the week after, [I was ready to fight] tonight.”  


With Soukhamthath vs Killion off the card, we were left with seven bouts.  Here is my fight-by-fight breakdown of CES 23.  

The first fight of the night was a middleweight bout between Sityodtong’s Brandon Chagnon and Ralph Johnson.

 Round 1:  The opening bell sounded and Chagnon came out with a leg kick that landed and some looping hooks that missed the mark.  He shot for a takedown, which Johnson defended.  Johnson worked his jab and Chagnon came in for another takedown, which Johnson sprawled out of.  Johnson landed a knee to the face.  A few leg kicks landed from Chagnon, who kept going to his knees when throwing punches.  Chagnon was dropped briefly by a hook, and Johnson landed a punch to the body.  They traded over hand rights, Johnson dropped Chagnon, and swarmed in on him, He landed some shots on the ground, Chagnon tried for a heel hook and ended up in side control on top of Johnson.  Johnson reversed the position, then stood the fight back up.  A leg kick from Chagnon landed, but then he got dropped by a knee in the last 30 seconds of the round.  The round came to a close with Johnson looking to advance from half-guard.


Round 2:  Chagnon opened up with a nice inside leg kick. Johnson caught a leg kick, and got a sweep.  Chagnon hit the mat, Johnson let him up.  An accidental low blow to Johnson stops the action briefly.  When the action resumed, Johnson caught another leg kick from Chagnon, and connected with a right hook.  Chagnon got a takedown against the fence and got on Johnson’s back.  From there he went for the rear-naked choke and forced Johnson to tap at 3:31 is of round two.

Fight 1-2 Fight 1-3 Fight 1-1Fight 1-4

Brandon Chagnon def. Ralph Johnson via RNC at 3:31 of Round 2.


The second fight of the night was a featherweight fight between Pete “The Heat” Rogers and Wai Kru’s Franklin “Turtle” Isabel.

Round 1:  Rogers started things off with a head kick and a sharp jab.  Isabel went for a heel hook, but lost it.  Rogers stacked him and wound up in Isabel’s guard.  Isabel got him in a triangle and a big slam from Rogers only tightened it up.  Franklin was looking for an armbar, and Rogers escaped and landed some hammerfists.  Another armbar attempt by Isabel didn’t quite do it and Rogers let him up.  Rogers fired off a serious side kick to the body that dropped Isabel and he followed up with a hammerfist, which caused Isabel to tap out.

Fight 2-1 Fight 2-2 Fight 2-3Fight 2-4










Pete Rogers def. Franklin Isabel by submission (tap due to strikes) at 2:39 of Round 1. 


Up next was a bantamweight contest between Sityodtong’s Rico Disciullo and Jordan Espinosa.

Round 1:  These guys came out very quickly in this one.  A leg kick landed from Espinosa, but Rico fired one back.  Espinosa rushed in and clinched up, then shot for a takedown against the fence.   Disciullo got an underhook and sprawled, then ate a knee to the body.  Espinosa got him down, briefly took his back, rolled over for a north-south choke. The crowd was heavily in DiSciullo’s corner with loud “Rico” chants.  The two fighters scrambled back up and DiSciullo landed a knee to Espinosa while he was briefly grounded and the action stops.  The referee deducted a point and the fight resumed.  DiSciullo got a bodylock takedown, and landed some punches and elbows on the ground.  They stood up again briefly, but DiSciullo was able to get Espinosa back to the mat.  In the final ten seconds of the round DiSciullo was working on a guillotine.

Round 2:  Espinosa shot in for a takedown that DiSciullo defended.  DiSciullo threw a body kick that Espinosa caught and used to sweep him.  DiSciullo was looking for elbows from the bottom.  They scrambled back up, and Rico landed a right hook, sprawled on a a takedown attempt from Espinosa, and landed some elbows to the body on the ground.  DiSciullo spun around, took his back, landed some punches, and was looking for an RNC. Rico did a good job of mixing up the strikes from his opponent’s back, going to the head and to the body. DiSciullo spends more than half the round on Epinosa’s back looking for the choke, and the round ends with no submission from DiSciullo.

Round 3:  DiSciullo caught a kick thrown by Espinosa, who dropped to his back.  DiSciullo threw a few leg kicks before the referee let Espinosa get back up.  They clinched up and both landed knees to the body.  Espinosa took DiSciullo to the ground briefly but they scrambled back up and Rico missed on a big uppercut.  Espinosa took DiSciullo down but had to defend a triangle from him. The crowd’s chants in favor of DiSciullo swelled back up, and DiSciullo spent the last ninety seconds of the fightfor a triangle off his back.

Fight 3-1 Fight 3-2 Fight 3-3 Fight 3-4










Rico Disciullo def. Jordan Espinosa by unanimous decision (29-26, 29-27, 29-26). 


Next up was a 225 lbs. fight between Tri-Force MMA’s Eric “Lucky” Bedard and Matthew Thompson who was representing Nexus Martial Arts & Fitness.

Round 1:  They opened up with a flurry of punches and a brief clinch.  Bedard landed some uppercuts, and Thompson landed a few knees to the body.  Both guys were using their jab, before they clinched up again.  Thompson landed a knee, and a short elbow.  A body kick landed from Thompson.  Bedard scored a big slam with 1:30 left in the round.  They scrambled back up in the final thirty seconds, and Bedard got Thompson against the fence and scored another big slam as the round ended.

Round 2:  A jab landed from Thompson, followed by a body kick from Bedard.  More jabs from Thompson followed by a big head kick. A knee to the body from Thompson landed after the two clinched up again.  Bedard landed an uppercut.  A takedown from Bedard prompts Thompson to go for a guillotine off his back and Bedard taps.  Zero crowd reaction from the finish. None.

Fight 4-1 Fight 4-2 Fight 4-3 Fight 4-4

Matthew Thompson def. Eric Bedard by submission via guillotine choke at 2:39 of Round 2. 


Next up, Team Sityodtong’s third fighter of the night, Tateki Matsuda took on Matt “Mantis” Doherty from Redline Fight Sports in a bantamweight fight.

Round 1:  They both came out quick and met with jabs and leg kicks.  Dohety missed a push kick, and landed a jab.  He caught a leg kick and got Matsuda to the mat.  Matsuda tried to get up but Doherty took his back, he locked on a body triangle and Matusda was wearing him like a backpack against the cage.  Matsuda tried to dump him off and Doherty got the fight back to the floor, still latched on to Matsuda’s back.  matusda reversed, got into side control, moved to north-south position, and landed some punches to the body.

Round 2:  Both guys came out quickly looking for hooks, Matsuda got a bodylock takedown and landed some knees to the body.  They scrambled back to the feet and clinched up against the cage.  Matsuda with another bodylock takedown.  He landed some punches from side control, and got Doherty in a crucifix.  He landed some hard punches, and the crowd split up into dueling chants of “Mantis” and “Tateki”.  Matsuda spent the majority of the round in side control.  They scrambled back to the feet as the round comes to a close.

Round 3:  Matsuda checked a high kick from Doherty, but ate one to the body. Matsuda worked his combos more in the last round.  Doherty got cut over the right eye.  Matsuda shot in for a double leg and ended up in half guard.  He passed to side control with 1:15 left in the fight.  Matusda landed some short punches, and moved to full mount with :30 left.  Doherty covered up as Matsuda rained down punches, and took his back one more time as the fight came to a close.

Fight 5-1 Fight 5-2 Fight 5-3 Fight 5-4










Tateki Matsuda def. Matt Doherty via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-26). 


Welterweights Eric “Dream Catcher” Spicely from Tri-Force MMA took on David “KO” Jordan, who was representing Beastman MMA in the next fight.

Round 1:  Two leg kicks and a push kick from Jordan to start the fight.  Spicely landed a takedown up against the fence.  Spicley moved into full mount, then to side control.  Almost got back into full mount, but Jordan reversed it.  Spicely goes for a guillotine and gets the tap.

Fight 6-1 Fight 6-2 Fight 6-3 Fight 6-4










Eric Spicely def. David Jordan by submission via guillotine choke at 2:38 of Round 1. 


The main event at CES 23 was a non-title featherweight fight between CES featherweight champion, Sityodtong’s Rob Font and Tristan Johnson from Fit Plus in Nova Scotia.

Round 1:  They touched gloves and Font came out with a jab and got a takedown after an exchange.  Johnson got back to his feet and landed a body kick.  Font responded  with an uppercut and hook combo followed by some more uppercuts and a takedown attempt.  Johnson defends against the cage,  Johnson lands a knee in the clinch before they broke apart.  A jab from Font was followed by a headkick from Johnson.  Font ducks a combo from Johnson, and knocks him out with a big hook.

1 2 3 4










Rob Font def. Tristan Johnson via first-round knockout.

With the victory, Font moved to 10-1, and improved his winning streak to nine straight fights.  Fightline caught up with Font after the fights to get his thoughts on the win.  Check out the interview below: