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FightLine in the Field: Aggressive Combat Championship 3

There was no UFC event gracing our TV screens on Saturday night, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t quality MMA to be had. For New Yorkers, there was the Aggressive Combat Championship’s third installment, which took place in the gymnasium of St. Raymond’s High School in the Bronx and gave a decent-sized and lively crowd more than enough action to cheer for. And who doesn’t love to cheer for a quick and abrupt ass-kicking?

If a fledgling New York-based fighter were so inclined, it would be possible to compete in bouts employing guidelines that are a close approximation to New Jersey’s amateur rules, pro Unified Rules, and even vale tudo. At ACC 3, those amateur rules used in the Garden State were in effect; however, the shin guards and lack of face-punching on the ground didn’t impede any beatings – it didn’t stop the one competitor from doing a Rolles Gracie Jr./Ric Flair KO stumble, and it didn’t prevent main eventer Kat Morales from winning her championship belt via smooth armbar. If anything, the rules opened the event up to gyms that would normally be more reluctant to get into the cage. Of course, we all know what happens when a new MMA team meets an experienced one…

There were those moments you only see at local shows – one fighter’s cup literally fell out of his shorts and bounced around on the canvas, and he waved it off as if he wanted to continue fighting without it – but ultimately, it was the fighting that matter. And as usual, ACC delivered.