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‘Felony Fights’ Owners Starting MMA Promotion Called ‘Cage vs. Cons’

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Felony Fights Owners Shoot For MMA World With Launch of ‘Cage Vs. Cons’

If you’re a fan of backyard brawls or search Youtube for fighting, you’ve probably heard of a DVD series called “Felony Fights.”

The long-running video series pits convicts versus convicts, fresh outta prison, in a no-rules, no-gloves brawl. To date, the company has released more than 10 titles and have branched off into everything from clothing and bail bonds, to tattoo shops and music.

Today, owners Danny (aka Zodiac) and Michael (aka Solo) are ready to take their fighting brand to the next level with the launch of their very own legit MMA circuit with the same edge that made their Felony Fights brand so successful.

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One of these fighters, for example, is a man named Straight Jacket. He’s an ex-con trying to make the leap into the MMA world. “He did a lot of years for stabbings, robberies, stuff like that. … some real crazy sh**. Now he’s rehabilitated. Now, he’s trying to make a change in his life. What better way to do it than through MMA fighting?” Danny asks.