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ESPN’s “Around the Horn” Trashes and Mocks MMA

So I’m watching ESPN and that horrible show “Around the Horn” comes on. The host starts to discuss UFC 117 and how incredible he thought it was. He asked 2 of the writers/panelists about it and here were their responses, roughly because the channel got turned before I could DVR it.

Writer #1

“Oh I’m sorry, I was busy watching two of the greatest NFL players be inducted into the hall of fame, I didnt have time to watch two guys roll around on the floor hitting each other”

Writer #2

Im so sorry, it breaks my heart that i missed this, I was more interested in the Mets and the Phillies taking part in America’s National past time”.

***Video coming as soon as it is on ESPN or youtube***

It’s an old story, as ESPN shows like “Around the Horn” and “Pardon the Interruption” have refused to show any kind of respect to MMA. Let me ask everyone this, what is the most amazing thing you saw in sports on Saturday, August 7th? Was it a slick double play? Was it Tiger Woods imploding? Was it Albert Haynesworth passing his physical? No, no and no. It was two elite level athletes going toe-to-toe in a mixed martial arts battle for the ages.

I’m all for appreciating the likes of Emmitt Smith and Jerry Rice and I can certainly appreciate a baseball game, but really if you think that was more exciting than Anderson Silva taking a beating for 4 rounds only to pull off a miraculous last minute submission then I don’t know what to tell you.

It’s simply another example of someone in the so-called “mainstream media” refusing to acknowledge our sport at all and refusing to acknowledge anything good about MMA. To each their own right? But when you say borderline idiotic comments that have no real research or intelligence behind them you have stopped being any kind of credible journalist. I would say, actually sit down and research and watch this sport before spouting out meaningless banter.
(Thanks to XalexinchainsX via Sherdog Forum for the quotes I couldn’t remember)