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Eddie Alvarez Calls McGregor “A Scrawny Irishman”

UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez appeared on “UFC Tonight” to discuss his UFC 205 main event with Conor McGregor.

Alvarez on what it means to be fighting at UFC 205: “It’s a blessing. We’re about to do something really special in three days.”

Alvarez on if he feels pressure being the last person to walk at UFC 205: “No pressure. We fight three times a week at our gym. This is just another day for me and another opponent. This guy is weaker than the guys I fight.”

Alvarez on McGregor’s hype: “I’m a fighter. I see what’s real and what’s not. What I see in the Octagon is a scrawny, skinny Irishman who’s about to get a beat down. We’re going to change a lot of minds on Saturday night. The plan is set, the preparation is done and the execution is upon us.”

Alvarez on McGregor’s talk: “It’s self-talk. His talk is him trying to convince himself. No one has done it to me, ever. You’re going to hear the words ‘And Still’ on Saturday night.”