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EA Sports MMA Reviews Are In and They’re Good

I personally bought the game this morning and I can say that I enjoy it more than THQ’s UFC series. I haven’t had time to dip into the career mode yet, but multiplayer matches online and offline are a blast. The most brilliant idea EA has implemented is the Fighter Share Community which lets you download other people’s create-a-characters. Within hours of buying the game I was already playing with Brock Lesnar and Wanderlei Silva thanks to some other players creativity. The most enjoyable parts of the game for me was the roster of fighters to play with, the freedom to choose a cage or ring and the different rule sets. I never thought in a million years that I could recreate something like Shinya Aoki vs. Mizuto Hirota in a Vale Tudo, 1 round, 20 minute bonanza or Fedor vs. Overeem with knees to the head of a grounded opponent, for that I say thank you EA Sports. As far as the in-ring action is concerned IGN who gave the game a score of 8/10 can explain it better.

The first, and also the most important, thing that EA Sports MMA does right is the action in the ring. There are certainly missteps that I’ll get into later, but for the most part EA keeps things moving at a high level. The control scheme – the crux of any MMA game – is handled much better than it has been in other series. EA Sports happily relies on its Fight Night, right analog stick mechanics for the striking. That means that swiveling the stick in pretty much any direction will yield a punch, while making those same motions with the left trigger held will launch kicks. Once you head into the clinch or to the ground, that’s when buttons enter the fray.

Joystiq (4 out of 5 stars) talks about the inevitable comparisons to UFC Undisputed.

Comparisons between MMA and THQ’s UFC Undisputed franchise are inevitable, but the two games offer up very different experiences that are, for the most part, complimentary. MMA is a fuller game that celebrates the broadest scope of the sport with a loving precision, while UFC brings out a roster of more recognizable fighters for a more casual, beer-and-buddies experience.

Certainly hardcore fans will appreciate the attention to detail like having the awesome Lenne Hardt( AKA crazy pride screaming lady announcer) in the game or having Brazilian refs start the fight in their native Portuguese. This doesn’t mean that it can’t be enjoyed by everyone. It’s just a damn fine video game, period.