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Dana White, Tito Ortiz Have Not Patched Things Up

Friday became the day to air out dirty laundry if you were Dana White or Tito Ortiz.

The UFC president and former champion have struggled to see eye-to-eye for years, and with Ortiz deciding to sign with Bellator this past year, the bad blood has continued.

On Twitter, it became personal, with both sides taking shots at the other.

Below’s the majority of the conversation between the two as best I could decipher between all the random retweets and messages:

After Ortiz posted a picture of White from several years ago, making reference to him using performance-enhancing drugs, the boss responded, “that’s me when I was young and skinny and would punch ur head in while sparring cause u were a ‘champ’ that didn’t like getn hit.”

Ortiz fired back with “you must of forgot where u came from! And 1,2,3 punch! Lets go GIRLS” bringing White to write “I remember punching ur head in and watchin u roll around crying cause Chuck (Liddell) hit us to the body and u quitting like the puss u are.”

Ortiz was referring to White’s teaching aerobics, which didn’t seem to bother him.

“U were winning titles and gettin punched silly by a box aerobic instructor,” White stated.

Ortiz added that White “got famous by us fighters blood and sweat. Got rich by someone else’s money. I did it by fighting and winning titles. I rather die on my feet then live on my knees! Enough said.”