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Dana White Responds To Matthew Riddle, Says He Made $162,000 A Year

UFC president Dana White tends to keep facts and figures pretty in-the-books.

Unless you call him out on it.

Matthew Riddle, a former UFC fighter who was released following another failed post-fight drug test, announced his retirement from MMA recently. He was scheduled to compete in Bellator, but suffered a rib injury and posted on Twitter that he was calling it a career.

Riddle’s reasoning was that he needed to make money to support himself and his family.

White, on a recent episode of “UFC Tonight,” blasted Riddle and stated that the fighter made “$162,000 a year (from 2011-13).”

“The reason that he is not in the UFC anymore is because he could not pass a drug test. The guy could not pass a drug test. Think about this, you have to go to work three times a year and you could not pass a drug test,” White went on to say. “Your so weak minded and so addicted to marijuana that you could not stay it off enough to pass a drug test three times a year. Well guess what dummy, they drug test in the real world too.”