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Dana White Goes Off On Bellator, Didn’t Set Same-Day Card To “Crush Them”

dana white

UFC president Dana White made it perfectly clear recently that he had no control of his promotion setting a date months in advance to go up against Bellator MMA in an attempt to “crush them.”

Both companies will put on cards in the same state – just miles away from one another – this September, but White told media members that it was all because FOX Network gave them a specific set of dates.

“If you guys really think we look at Bellator and give an (expletive) what’s going on or what they’re doing, we don’t,” White said (thanks to for the quotes). “That’s just the date we landed on. We get dates from FOX, we don’t pick our own dates.

“I could give an (expletive) where Bellator goes. What night, what day, whatever. We end up on the same night as many different sporting events. Sometimes boxing events we land on the same nights. There’s tons of events and tons of MMA organizations.”

White didn’t just let it stop there, as he continued to express his ever-desiring love for Bellator in only the way he can.

“I honestly, literally never think of Bellator,” he said. “I don’t. It’s not like Bellator is some organization you have to look out for. Let’s be honest here. Seriously. Look at the cards they put on and what they’re doing.

“I literally never think about Bellator and I could care less what they’re doing.”