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Dana White Believes Teammates Not Fighting Each Other is BS

At yesterday’s UFC 117 press conference UFC president Dana White made a comment about the potential match-up between AKA teammates Jon Fitch and Josh Koscheck.

“Yes, Jon Fitch will fight Josh Koscheck if he beats GSP,”

Fitch responded when asked about the issue moments later.

“Everything in the future will be dealt with in the future,”

In the video below White explains why he thinks fighters not fighting each other because of friendship or camp affiliations is stupid.

In my experience in interviewing fighters about this issue some of them strongly believe in it. They firmly believe in the team aspect of their training camps and never want to fight team members. They consider it a family much in the same way a football or baseball team is. Of course there are plenty of fighters who just don’t give a damn and will fight anyone walking the planet.