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Dan Henderson Getting A Little Too Cocky

Heres a chat snippet of Dan Henderson on

08:10:46 PM: Mathew J – if ever given the chance would you fight fedor if so how do you think you’d fare
08:10:48 PM: Dan Henderson: I definitely would fight him. And I think i would beat him. I think he’s definitely tough and really well rounded… I just think I’m a little bit tougher. He’s not a huge heavyweight either, so that helps.

And heres a part on Shogun.

08:16:35 PM: Hannah E: what would be your strategy versus Shogun?08:17:43 PM: Dan Henderson: I’m going to beat him up *laughs* I would probably fight him pretty similar to how I fought Wanderlei

Wow, I know Hendo is a top fighter, but this seems like a little bit too overconfident. I mean he has to beat Rampage first, which I dont think he can and I certainly dont believe he could beat Fedor. Shogun would be a good fight but I still would have to pick Shogun.