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Chris Cariaso Would Like To See A New UFC Weight Class

Chris Cariaso is feeling intent as flyweight, though he doesn’t miss his time as bantamweight. It leaves Cariaso wishing the UFC had a weight division between the two classes.

“It just seemed that the guys just kept getting bigger and bigger every single fight, and I’m kind of in between the divisions,” said Cariaso. “125 is hard to make, 135 is too easy to make. If they had a 130-pound weight class it would be perfect to me, but now I’m at home at 125.”

For most of his career, Cariaso fought as bantamweight before going to flyweight last year. After a decision win, it was met with a pair of defeats. Cariaso hopes that’s in the past as he defeated Iliarde Santos in the closing 30 seconds of round two at UFC Fight Night 29.

UFC Fight Night 29 was October 9 and came from Brazil’s Ginásio José Corrêa. The win makes Cariaso 1-1 this year.