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Chicago Cubs Outfielder Marlon Byrd Trains Muay Thai to Prepare for Baseball Season, Loses 40 Pounds

I’m a die hard Chicago Cubs fan so when the very rare opportunity comes along that my 2 most passionate interests in the world somehow mesh to create a story, it must be posted. Click the picture above to see the transformed Marlon Byrd in action. From MLB.

Byrd, 34, has added a martial arts workout called Muay Thai (pronounced “moy tie”) to his offseason program. The intense sessions, which he does three to four times a week, plus a dramatic change in his diet has helped the Cubs center fielder go from 255 pounds, which he weighed at the end of last season, to 215 now. That’s the same weight he was his senior year in high school.

“Now, he’s a lean, mean, fighting machine,” said Robert Cole, Byrd’s instructor at L.A. Boxing in Chicago and a retired national champion from England.