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Chael Sonnen May Call On Anderson Silva’s Help For TUF

It wasn’t long ago that Chael Sonnen and then middleweight champion Anderson Silva were in a heated rivalry. Now that Sonnen is going to be coaching on The Ultimate Fighter: (TUF) Brazil 3, he wouldn’t mind Anderson by his side.

“I think his knowledge of the sport is tremendous, but also his ability to communicate in a Portuguese atmosphere would be very helpful,” said Sonnen to MMA Junkie. “I think he’s got a relationship with Wanderlei [.Silva], so it’s probably not likely. But that doesn’t mean I won’t reach out.”

Sonnen and Wanderlei have been trading comments for months now. Wanderlei took issue with comments Sonnen made about the Brazilian people while hyping his Anderson contests. Not long ago, Wanderlei confronted Sonnen at an Expo, where they had to be separated.

There’s no word if Anderson would even consider Sonnen’s offer.