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Chael Sonnen: “He’s a Bully and a Jerk and He’s Found His Match”

Chael Sonnen goes a little into his gameplan for Anderson Silva in this the third part of the Chael series from Pure Fight. This series of interviews are really brilliant in that they show Sonnen giving some great insight with minimal trash talk mixed in. Chael admits that he doesn’t have illusions that the fight is going to the ground just because he says so.

Well, I’m gonna grab him and throw him down at some point, but you have to understand you can’t get all these guys down. I don’t even know if I can get him down, I should be able to, but it doesn’t always work out…the wrestling that works in MMA is only 2 to 3 moves so all this stuff we spend all these years doing they all get thrown out.

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