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Chad Laprise Wins Top Honors as TUF Nations Welterweight

Chad Laprise Wins Top Honors as TUF Nations Welterweight

-Chad Laprise vs. Olivier Aubin-Mercier, for the TUF Nations welterweight trophy 

Round 1: Aubin-Mercier throws some hard high-kicks and steps in with some punches, but Laprise shows superior skills with his footwork and fluidity, so the takedown attempts are inevitable. Whenever they come though, Laprise stuffs them, and he makes his foe pay by feeding him fists until the bell sounds.

Round 1 goes to Laprise.

Round 2: Aubin-Mercier muscles his way to a takedown, hoisting Laprise up and throwing him down, and then falling back into a guillotine attempt. But Laprise is too wily, and they’re soon back on the feet, where Laprise reigns supreme. The rest of the frame is spent with them trading strikes and Aubin-Mercier eating most of them.

Round 1 goes to Laprise… probably.

Round 3: Aubin-Mercier dives in for the takedown and gets stuffed. But he does succeed to snag one when Laprise is moving forward – an advantage that lasts about two seconds before Laprise scrambles back to his feet. The remaining four minutes are all about Aubin-Mercier getting outclassed in the kickboxing department, and when time runs out, it seems like Laprise has it in the bag.

Round 3 goes to Laprise.

Result: Chad Laprise def. Olivier Aubin-Mercier via Split Decision – Laprise is the TUF Nations welterweight Ultimate Fighter.