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FightLine in the Field: CES 21

CES 21 took place on Friday night at the Twin River Event Center in Lincoln, Rhode Island and was on hand at the event for the fights. CES matchmaker Pat Sullivan put together a nine-fight card, all which being professional bouts. Most of the crowd that was in attendance was here to see the bantamweight fight between Team Redline’s Kin Moy and Andre Soukhamthath, who recently joined the Blackzillians. The main event pitted local crowd favorite and Tri-Force fighter Rob “The Hulk” Chattelle against All-Star MMA’s Shedrick Goodridge.

The first fight of the night was a 180lbs matchup between Rivera MMA’s Adam Quitt and N.E.C.’s Tunde Odumuso. The story of this fight was Quitt being unable to get out of the way of his opponents jab. Odumuso’s jabs had caused a cut on Quitt’s nose in the first round, and Quitt wasn’t able to get any takedowns despite multiple attempts, and the only offensive displays from him came from clinching up against the fence. Odumuso took home a unanimous decision, improving to 1-1 as a professional, while Quitt falls to 1-4.

Quitt vs Odumuso CES 21 SONY DSC

Next up was two 150 lbs fighters making their professional debuts, as Broadway Jiu Jitsu’s Kyle Bochniak took on All Star MMA’s Peter Bertucci. They both came out with quick movement, briefly clinched up, Bochniak got a takedown and sunk in a fight ending rear-naked choke at 1:05 of the first round.

SONY DSC Bochniak vs Bertucci CES 21

Bantamweights Shaun Marmas and Matt Doherty put on a good scrap in the evenings third bout. They traded knees to the body in the clinch at the beginning of the first round. Marmas got a takedown that was reversed by Doherty. He landed some hard some hard elbows and punches. Marmas went for a leg lock but wasn’t successful, and Doherty rolled out and tried for an armbar as the round ended. The second started off the same, with a takedown by Marmas that was reversed by Doherty, who again landed some good shots from top position. The round ended with Marmas getting stuck in a reverse triangle. Marmas looked for the takedown once again in the third round, but was caught with a knee from Doherty that dropped him and Doherty got the finish by rear-naked choke at 1:22 of the third round.


Keith Allen MMA’s Dinis Paiva made his ninth appearance in the CES cage, when he took on Wai Kru’s Franklin Isabel. Isabel landed a leg kick at the start of the fight, but Dinis dropped him right away with a punch, and right when Isabel got back up Dinis drops him again, this time for good, as the TKO win for Dinis came at just 1:49 of the first round.

Paiva vs Isabel CES 21 -1 SONY DSC SONY DSC

After a brief in-cage interview with the man selling KFC and Taco Bell inside the venue, the action continued. Next up were the only heavyweights on the card, Sityodtong’s John Johnston, and William Baptiste, both of whom were undefeated as professionals. They both came out swinging hard, with Johnston dropping Baptise right away and unloading some hard hammerfists. Somehow, Baptiste was able to weather the onslaught, albeit briefly. Once the fight was back on the feet, Johnston landed a knee to the body then finished Baptiste with a headkick that was so hard Johnston himself fell backwards after throwing it. The stoppage came at 1:49 of the first round.

 SONY DSC Johnston vs Baptiste CEC 21 -2 Johnston vs Baptiste 4

The next fight also ended in the first frame, as Bekzod Abdurakhmonov tapped out Andrew Osbourne with a rear-naked choke at the 3:54 mark.


Next up was the people’s main event, between Team Redline’s Kin Moy and The Blackzillians’ Andre Soukhamthath. Moy came into the bout with a 3-0 pro record, and Soukhamthath came in riding a seven-fight winning streak inside the CES cage. The crowd was clearly on the side of Soukhamthath, who was fighting in his home state of Rhode Island.

Andre Soukhamthath CES 21

Moy came out with some early body kicks to start the fight, but then got dropped by one thrown from Soukhamthath. Moy was able to get back to his feet and they had a wild exchange of punches where both guys landed some good shots. Soukhamthath got another takedown, which made the crowd erupt with cheers. Soukhamthath landed a jab that was countered with a combo from Moy, Soukhamthat slipped and Moy got a takedown. It was back-and forth with both guys countering most of the offense employed by the other.


They both landed some clean punches in the beginning of the second round, and Moy was able to get a double-leg takedown. Soukhamthath got the fight back to the feet, landed a left hand and got his first takedown of the round. Moy was landing some good punches from the bottom, and used the cage to get back to his feet. Andre caught Moy with a punch and got another takedown against the fence. Moy went for a guillotine, but lost it. Moy landed some elbows from the bottom before they stood back up. Soukhamthath defended a takedown attempt, and got one of his own. Moy had Soukhamthath’s arm trapped briefly and took his back and landed some elbows and punches. Soukhamthath stood the fight back up, and both fighters landed some bombs as the round ended.


Moy landed a headkick in the beginning of the third round. Soukhamthath shot in and got a takedown. Moy got up briefly but Soukhamthath brought him right back to the mat. Moy went for another guiilotine, was reversed, found himself in a rear-naked choke from Soukhamthath, reversed that, landed some elbows, got the full mount and rained down some punches. He had Soukhamthath’s back with a minute to go, and was landing a lot of punches. Soukhamthath reversed it, and Moy went for one last guillotine as the fight ended. Moy took home a unanimous decision with three 29-28 scorecards, and improved his record to 5-0, handing Soukhamthath his second professional loss.


Fightline caught up with Kin Moy after the fight, to get his thoughts on the crowd reaction, the fight itself, and how he felt fighting against someone who he was friends with. Moy said that he didn’t hesitate to take the fight when he first heard it was a possibility, as he is looking to challenge the best bantamweights in New England.

“We were thinking about it for a while. I really look up to and respect Andre, and I really like that he carries his heritage on his shoulder by representing Asians in MMA, because let’s be real, we’re not doing so great in MMA right now. I was hesitant to fight him because he’s my friend, but I really see him as being one of the best in New England that has ever been in the weight class, so I decided that I’d look into it. There were some hang-ups about getting the fight going. About a month ago CES contacted us, and I guess they found a way to make the fight happen, so we jumped on it.”

Moy said that he knew he was coming into enemy territory, and was prepared for the very pro-Andre crowd.

“I was mentally prepared for that. I know that he’s a Rhode Island guy, and we happen to be in Rhode Island, so I suspected that he might have the hometown crowd behind him. I’m a fan of his too. I always route for him too, so I can understand that. I was cheering for him when he came out but at the end of the day it was just me and him in there, and thankfully not me, him, and all his friends.”

He credited his friend and opponent’s toughness, and acknowledged that he wasn’t confident that he’d be the winner when it was all said and done.

“To be perfectly frank, considering how tough it is to win a decision historically in Rhode Island when you’re not a Rhode Island guy, I thought that if I didn’t finish him, I was going to lose. I gave it my all trying to finish it, but he was too tough, and I couldn’t. When I bell rang, I thought I lost. I agree with the decision personally, although I’m a little biased, but I didn’t think I was going to get the nod to be honest.”

CES’s featherweight champion Rob Font was in action in the night’s co-main event, taking on Ahsan Abdullah in a non-title fight. The Sityodtong fighter made quick work of his opponent, landing a series of kicks and punches that dropped Abdullah, and allowed Font to swarm in with a barrage of punches of the ground. The referee let it continue and and Font sunk in a d’arce choke to the get the finish at 3:33 of the first round.


We also spoke with Rob Font after the fight, who had this to say about his performance:

“We got in, we got out, and got paid, man. Everything went smooth. The game plan worked perfectly. I pounced on him when I hurt him, and got the finish.”


On winning via d’arce:

“I drill that move a lot. It’s my first time getting it in a fight, but I drill it all the time. I have good jiu jitsu coaches, Loco Lobo (Mike Gresh), Banana (Juliano Coutinho), Steven Whittier, a lot of different guys. It’s definitely one of my go-to moves.”

Font is looking for a quick turnaround, and hopes to fight on the next CES card in March.

“I’m hoping if everything works out, I’m looking to defend my title in March. We’ll work out the number and the name soon so hopefully it will be a bigger name.”

Tri-Force fighter Rob “The Hulk” Chattelle was in action the main event, dropping a unanimous decision to All Star MMA’s Shedrick Goodridge. Goodridge was able to land the takedown at-will on Chatelle, much to the dismay of the many fans in attendance sporting t-shirts bearing a mix of Chattelle’s face and The Incredible Hulk. Chatelle made it back to his feet throughout most of the fight, but it wasn’t enough, as Goodridge took all three rounds on all three judge’s cards. Goodridge moved to 5-6 and Chattelle dropped to 12-10. Chattelle thanked the fans in attendance, and told the crowd that he broke his hand in the first round. All in all, it was an exciting night, with breakout performances from a few fighters we may be hearing more about in the future.

(Correction: An earlier version of this post said Kin Moy was 4-0 with is latest win.)