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Canadian Medical Association Looking to Ban MMA in the Entire Country of Canada

From the Associated Press comes this story of the worst indictment on MMA since John McCain.

NIAGARA FALLS, Ontario — The Canadian Medical Association is calling for a ban on mixed martial arts in Canada.

Delegates at the annual meeting voted Wednesday to have the doctors group seek a government ban on the sport.

They argue that unlike sports such as hockey and skiing, the intent of mixed martial arts is to incapacitate one’s opponent.

This just seems absolutely insane to me. A group of doctors want to get a sport banned that is sanctioned in nearly all of the United States and 7 provinces in their home country. Hopefully intelligence and sanity will prevail in the long run.

Little known fact: the city that sends this blog the most traffic is Toronto, Canada. I really don’t know what kind of doctors can make a legitimate argument against the safety of this sport, it’s been proven over and over again that this sport is one the safest in the world.