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For Once, I Can Say I Honestly Agree With Dana White

Normally, UFC president Dana White’s stance on issues is so out-of-the-park that I struggle to even think about agreeing with him.

However, White’s recent comments regarding why he said what he said following UFC 167 made complete sense to me.

Georges St-Pierre stated his desire to leave MMA to deal with “personal problems,” adding that he wanted to leave it at that.

White, appearing on “UFC Tonight” recently, cleared up what he said by stating “He made a big mistake when he said what he said. (GSP) shouldn’t have said it, didn’t make sense and it left everyone wondering what was going on; including me.”

That’s what I agree with: he made a big mistake when he said what he said.

MMA: UFC 167-St-Pierre vs Hendricks St-Pierre specifically took the microphone back from Joe Rogan to give his now famous speech. He didn’t have to. Rogan  didn’t ask him any questions about his future; that was all GSP’s doing.

Hey, if you want to remain private and keep things in-check, don’t take a mic on a live event and state you have “problems”  but that you don’t want to divulge into what they are.

This is 2013 that we live in, not 1913; the age of privacy is gone, good or bad, and with the way the world turns now you  are opening yourself up for controversy.

It started immediately, as reports of an unplanned pregnancy, the impending passing of his father and legal battles with a  former agent all surfaced.

Had GSP just walked out after Rogan’s final question was answered, talked to White in the back about taking some extra time off and left it at that, none of us would have thought any different.

He was coming off a beating at the hands of Johny Hendricks and is getting older, so needing to take a little extra time off would have made sense.

No questions asked.

As much as I hate to say it, with the growing wave of social media sites, remaining out of the limelight just isn’t a possibility for professional athletes.

Having worked in journalism for over 13 years now, I’ve seen plenty of good and plenty of bad when it comes to reporting. But, reporters have to do just that – report; if you want good news published, the bad must also be given to the public.