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Brazilian Fighters Give Their Thoughts on Machida/Shogun 2

TATAME was able to get some great analysis from fighters and experts on one of the most anticipated rematches in MMA history.

Demian Maia: “because they know each other, I hope the fight will be more aggressive. On the other fight Shogun went forward and Lyoto backward, even for their style, but I think Lyoto will risk more. I didn’t matter how aggressive Shogun was in the last fight, he has the respect for the unexpected, but he doesn’t have it anymore. They stood up there for almost half an hour, now they know each other. I love Lyoto, but I cheer for Shogun. We used to train together when he has his fight against Chuck Liddell. But I don’t know who will win”

Wanderlei Silva: “I think Shogun could see that Lyoto couldn’t hold him… Shogun really is a talent guy, if he’s well trained it’s hard to catch him and if he’s in a good shape as he was in the otehr fight, I don’t see him having much problems. Lyoto has a defensive style, moves very well and the judges must see it, but I think that fighting is about contact, otherwise the competition will became a marathon and that’s not good for the sport… Fighting is a contact sport. But I think this revenge is going to be very interesting, I’ll watch it live if I can, the first one was good enough for us to expect a lot from this. Lyoto could tell he has to do more than he did for winning this fight. Me, in particular, think that Shogun won the first fight. Me and the whole world. Only in Brazil people tought that Lyoto had won, I don’t know why. Shogun was upset with people from the television… People from TV has to understand that you have to judge the fight without being partial, the guy is there to narrate, he can not chose on side or another, the media has to be impartial or it will prejudice the show’s interpretation. The outsider who is watching is manipulated by the commentators speech and that can’t happen, it’s a thing to be rethink, the commentators has to be best chosen and can’t chose sides. Whoever is there narrating has to face it as a job and act in a professional way or give up for someone that is”

Rogério Minotouro: “It’ll be a great fight. Shogun is doing just fine, recovering his good shape as he has during the Pride, is well physically, and Lyoto is in the prime of his career, a lot confident. I think the fight will be even better. I can’t predict who will win, because it’ll be very tied. I want Lyoto to win, but the first fight was ied and I think he’s coming back better, he could study Shogun and improve even more. On the other side, Shogun is training, got very close and let it go, but now he’ll try not to waste the opportunity. This fight will be awesome”

Ricardo Arona: “I believe that, if there’s no aggressiveness, is a case for the judge to tell the athlete to start fighting. On Lyoto’s case, even though his strategy is defensive, I think he has to be more daring and, if the fight is like the last one, with him going backwards, I think it must be interfered in order to have more combat. The round has five minutes and it can’t have just two or three attacks. I can’t say who will win, because both of them has the star and heart of a champion, who is in a better moment and dare more, will win”

Anderson Silva: “Each fight is different, each situation is particular. You can never know your opponent well enough. Shogun is a great fighter, a very tough one, but of course we want Lyoto to win. Is a good fight for the two of them”

Thiago Silva: “It’ll be another battle. I like Shogun, I want him to win… He won once and has all the potential to do it again. I trained with Shogun and for all I know of him, he’s a very determinate guy. Lyoto can be prepared for a bigger Shogun”

Paulão Filho: “On this fight something different will happen. I think one of them will go down. On the first fight there was all that caution and Shogun knows that if that happens again, he’ll lose again. For the champion to lose by point, only if the owner of the event is very pissed with him or if it’s a big difference, thing that didn’t happen on that fight. I think Shogun must try more, what can be a good thing for Lyoto, but I think Lyoto is not used to athletes with so much potential. It’s a fight, man, that I want to see again. It’s very good to see the level they’ve achieved… It’ll be a fight to beat all of the pay-per-view records”

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