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Brazilian Experts Weigh In on Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort

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The always fantastic caught up with 15 Brazilian MMA experts to discuss the upcoming title fight at UFC 126 between Vitor Belfort and Anderson Silva. Here are some of the more interesting tidbits.

Zé Mário Sperry:
“I see they studying each other, both being super cautious on the beginning. I believe that Anderson has a vantage for being more active. However, Vitor has fast hands and is very strong. I believe that his time off the rings might put Vitor in danger, and that’s why I’d point a certain vantage in Anderson’s favor”

Murilo Bustamante:
“I think it’ll be a great fight. Vitor is a great fighter, one of the most talented guys I’ve ever trained with, and Anderson is on a good phase, but coming from an injury. I think Anderson is more skilled, but Vitor can hit you hard. I believe that Anderson won’t stop in front of Vitor, he’ll move a lot, he is capable of doing good round in the end of the fight, because I believe Vitor might perform better on the initial rounds. The long fight is better for Anderson, since he proved he can handle it… He has the mind of a champion, and he handle it”

Paulo Nikolai:
“It’ll be a very technical fight since both are left handed. Vitor has an action zone where he can more pretty fast, but Anderson is more versatile, has some unique tools. It’ll all depend on the beginning of the fight. If Vitor finds a way out and start liking it, it’ll be dangerous for Anderson, but if he does one thing wrong on the first round, he’ll get in a huge trouble because Anderson will impose his rhythm towards Vitor and that, for sure, may lead Anderson to a win, and it can be a knockout. I’d say that for this confrontation Anderson is more likely to win than VItor. Anyone who makes a mistake up there will put himself in big trouble”

Head over to Tatame to read the entire article. They both starched Rich Franklin so I don’t see the southpaw thing being a big deal to either man. The real question for me is speed and who has the advantage in it. They are both lighting fast with Anderson being the more diverse striker, but at this point I can’t really tell who has the speed advantage which will be so critical in a fight that more than likely stays standing. Yeah people will argue that Vitor’s hands are faster, but I’ve talked to many who have seen Anderson fight in person and say there is nothing like that kind of quickness so it will be interesting.