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Bernard Hopkins on MMA: “Grown Men Wrestling in Panties”

With the Toney/Couture bout coming up at UFC 118 I am going to post a series of articles highlighting the different takes on both sides of the fence of the MMA/Boxing discussion. Look for different takes throughout the next 2 weeks.

In October of 2009, Bernard Hopkins makes some ridiculous and frankly just downright idiotic statements about MMA in the below interview.

“I don’t wanna watch two grown men with panties on wrestling. I mean I’m from the hood we don’t, we don’t play that. To me I’m not buying a ticket to watch two men with panties on, sweating, you know what I mean? Nuts in they face, that’s not me. So to compare that to boxing is ludicrous…It’s a porno, MMA is an entertainment porno.”

Stay classy Bernard. Towards the end of the interview he gets homophobic as well as he states that he could understand if the fan base is mostly woman, but guys watching it, oh no that’s just crazy. Because that’s why we all watch this sport is to see two grown men wrestle in their panties right?

Forget about the incredible athletic ability, the mind bending chess game that is grappling and just the overall toughness and badassery(sure that’s a word) of the fighters. Just forget all that, we watch for the grown men in the panties that’s what it’s all about Mr. Hopkins.