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Bellator Champion Patricio Freire Breaks Down UFC 189

ufc 189

Bellator featherweight champion Patricio “Pitbull” Freire offered up his thoughts on Saturday night’s UFC 189 main event after it concluded.

The card featured Conor McGregor becoming the interim champion with a second round TKO victory over Chad Mendes.

Here’s what Freire posted on social media:

Tonight’s FW fight analysis: first of all, congrats @chadmendes for accepting to fight on short notice. Despite losing he showed heart. I’d say Mendes had his gas tank reduced to at least 40% due to the body attacks from @TheNotoriousMMA.

If he had done a full camp he probably wouldn’t be so passive and take those shots near the cage that he did. He would have been more active and McGregor wouldn’t have been able to dominate the stand up like that so early in the fight. His takedowns were on point and when he tried to hit Connor on the feet he had success.

I think he did a mistake not leting his hands go a bit more. Shouldn’t have allowed McGregor to have him pressured against the cage either and should’ve used his wrestling to control and pace the fight more, it was a 5 fights round, shouldn’t go for the guillotine like he did as he was tired.

McGregor is one of the more plastic athletes I’ve ever seen. But, far from me to try to take away the interim UFC champ’s merit, he inteligently uses “illegal” shots and make it look like it was legal (slaps to the back of the head and elbows on the ground, punching past the ear on the feet). I thought he got tired fast.

The interim champ also has huge flaws on his wrestling and jiu jitsu and striking defense. He got hit clean several times and couldn’t get back to his feet on his own a single time. The only time he did so was when Mendes tried to go for a guillotine, which was a huge mistake. Connor was very precise, powerful, but slow.

He was very intelligent to pressure Chad from the start, and his mind looked indestructible #welcometotheclub . It was a big part of the confidence he built during the fight, but if he talks less his cardio will last longer.

In the end, Aldo looks unbeatable against the guys in the UFC. I believe he beats the interim champ both on the feet and on the ground. He’s faster, hits harder, can take more punches and has a great ground game and wouldn’t accept to be pressured like that, wouldn’t be passive either.