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Bellator 99 Live results and play-by-play

Bellator 99 is being hosted in Temecula California tonight. It features not only the opening round of this season’s featherweight tournament, but also a light heavyweight tilt between two exciting UFC vets. Stay tuned in and refresh your browser every few minutes for live results. Enjoy the fights!

Bellator 99 Main Card

Patricio Freiere vs. Diego Nunes

Round 1: Nunes has some awesome lime green Muay Thai trunks on. They circle, neither wants to commit to anything. Nunes stutter-steps for some reason coming in, and Pitbull lands a lead left hook on him while is is on his way in. Nunes staggers, and he is hurt. He hits the deck, and Pitbull lands some vicious lefts that knock him out. That was a quick fight, very impressive. One miniscule mistake and Pitbull ends it.

Patricio “Pitbull” Friere def. Diego Nunes via KO (punches) at 1:19 of round 1

Houston Alexander vs. Vladimir Matyushenko

Round 1: Matyushenko with his hands high. Both fighters at a standoff for almost a minute. Matyushenko kicks the leg, but Alexander counters with a nice right hand. Alexander punches the body. Matyushenko kicks the leg again. Alexander gets the takedown! Matyushenko wastes no time and attempts a reverse, and winds up escaping. They circle for a while and they clinch. Matyushenko hits a nice throw and winds up on top in half guard. He passes to mount right away, but Alexander escapes out the back door! Matyushenko with a sloppy lead left hook. Both fighters inactive. Alexander looking to counter, but Matyushenko not throwing any strikes. They briefly exchange some hooks that all look dangerous, but they both exit unscathed. Round is over, and oddly Matyushenko looks more tired than Alexander does. 10-9 Matyushenko

Round 2: Alexander looking for that right hand, Matyushenko weaving. They exchange, but Matyushenko keeps burying his head really low. The uppercut is wide open during these exchanges for Houston. More circling. Alexander attempts a single leg takedown, but he bails on it. Matyushenko kicks the leg once. Alexander lands a nice straight right. This is a very slow-paced fight, I wonder what the stats are. A decent right from Alexander lands. One minute left. Crowd booing now. Matyushenko shoots in, and Alexander defends a nice takedown attempt, that was really nice defense. Matyushenko just circling away, he looks tired. 10-9 Alexander

Round 3: Alexander opening up with punches, but Matyushenko avoids. Matyushenko attempts a few punches, but Alexander avoids. They clinch. They separate. Both fighters attempting hooks, but they are way off. Matyushenko takes him down. Alexander actually reverses and takes Matyushenko down, but Matyushenko pops out and looks to take the back. They stall for a while in this position. Alexander finally explodes to his feet, but Matyushenko follows him into a clinch against the cage. Alexander drags him down and holds Alexander in a cradle position. Matyushenko doing nothing at all from on top, just holding the cradle. Alexander just sitting on all fours now. No action at all up until the bell. What a boring fight. 10-9 Matyushenko

Green actually looking shocked when the decision is read. That’s kinda funny.

Vladmir Matyushenko def. Houston Alexander via unanimous decision

Akop Stepanvan vs. Justin Wilcox

Round 1: Wilcox lands his first one-two that momentarily stuns Stepanvan. More combos from Wilcox, he is looking smooth. Wilcox attempting multiple high kicks that miss. He mixes in some low kicks. Stepanvan returns with a low kick of his own that sweeps Wilcox off of his feet, which gets a nice reaction from the crowd. Wilcox attempts a double-leg, but Stepanvan sees it coming and easily avoids. Stepanvan working more leg kicks, and throws a high kick that glances off Wilcox’s head. Wilcox attempting even more takedowns that all fail. Stepanvan putting together some nice strikes. He lands some leg kicks that hurt Wilcox. A few spinning backkicks to the body land, and the round ends. 10-9 Stepanvan

Round 2: The weirdest thing happens, Wilcox attempts a high kick right as Stepanvan attempts a forceful lowkick, and Wilcox does an odd looking cartwheel in place. That was hilarious, I hope they slow-mo that one. Wilcox circles away but he is clearly hurt to the leg and limping. Stepanvan lets him off the hook for some reason, and Wilcox finally hits the first takedown of the fight. Wilcox with a deep cut, I didn’t see how it happened. He is bleeding all over the mat, and he passes guard while Stepanvan rests. Stepanvan attempts to escape, and Wilcox leaps onto his back and quickly sinks in a rear-naked choke. Stepanvan tries to get out and struggles, but he goes unconscious. What a comeback!

Justin Wilcox def. Akop Stepanvan via submission (rear-naked choke) at 2:20 of round 2

Desmond Green vs. Fabricio Guerreiro

Round 1: Guerreiro throws some reaching, crazy punches. Green unfazed. Green fakes a takedown and launches an uppercut that misses. Guerreiro lands a leg kick. Green lands a nice straight left. Green looks like he has his mouth open the whole time. Guerreiro lands a nice throw from the clinch but Green rolls out right away. Guerreiro lands a nice combo. Green can’t even come close to a takedown. Guerreiro peppering with punches and leg kicks. Green finally gets a takedown seconds before the bell. 10-9 Guerreiro

Round 2: Guerreiro launching kicks from way outside that land on the lead leg of Green. Green looking for a takedown, but he can’t get it. Guerreiro actually hits a takedown of his own and briefly takes the back of Green. They stand, but Guerreiro stays stuck to his back against the fence. Green warned repeatedly not to grab the fence. Guerreiro knees the legs from behind. Guerreiro tips Green over. They separate. They circle around with Guerreiro landing most of the shots. Guerreiro lands a kick that grazes the cup, and the fighters get a break. Green looks for a takedown before the bell, but he can’t get Guerreiro all of the way down. 10-9 Guerreiro

Round 3: Guerreiro kicking from the outside again. Green takes the back while standing, and now he is kneeing the legs. More knees, nothing important happening. Guerreiro finally escapes halfway through the round. Guerreiro attempting some crazy one-timers. Green just circling. Boring. Green can’t get the takedown. Guerreiro can’t either. Both fighters coasting. 10-9 Guerreiro

Fabricio Guerreiro def. Desmond Green via unanimous decision

Andrew Fisher vs. Joe Taimanglo

Round 1: The first fight of the night starts off running as Taimanglo attempts a high kick to start, but Fisher is able to catch the kick and toss Taimanglo down. They both scramble to a standing clinch position. They break and Taimanglo immediately starts in with some wild punches. Taimanglo lands a nice left and then hits a nice looking Judo throw. Taimanglo keeps pressing in with combos that Fisher can’t see coming. Their heads clash, and the fight is stopped so Big John can inspect. Taimanglo lands a nice leg kick followed by a right, and Taimanglo is showing no fear at all of Fisher’s striking. Fisher lands a nicely timed left, finally he does something. Taimanglo back to throwing those hooks. 10-9 Taimanglo

Round 2: More strange striking from Taimanglo. Even less activity from Fisher. Talk about one-sided. Fisher seems content to circle and block. Taimanglo seems in his groove. Taimanglo throwing whatever he’d like without consequence. Taimanglo looks like he is attempting those strange strikes that you only practice while goofing off in the gym. More wild winging punches from Taimanglo. A few jabs here and there from Fisher, but he is completely outclassed. Even more wild Leonard Garcia-ish hooks from Taimanglo. Fisher bleeding now. 10-9 Taimanglo

Round 3: Fisher lands a nice right hook to open. Taimanglo  shows no fear. Taimanglo jabs repeatedly. Fisher still very gunshy. He circles and attempts a few jabs. Taimanglo seems to be coasting. Fisher catches his with a sloppy right hand, Taimanglo smiles. Taimanglo looks for more unorthodox strikes like high knees and backfists. Taimanglo coasting. Fisher still circling and very inactive. Taimanglo not trying for anything of consequence. Fisher still circling and every once in a while attempting a jab. 10-9 Taimanglo

Joe Taimanglo def. Andrew Fisher via unanimous decision