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Bellator 98 Play-by-Play Results: Patricky Pitbull vs Derek Anderson

Lightweight Bout (155 lbs) Derek Anderson vs. Patricky Pitbull

Round 1– Either there’s a pretty big crowd for this event or they’re all bunched together tightly to make it look that way. Anyway, they tap gloves and they’re off. They exchange jabs and Pitbull knocks Anderson down but pops back up. Flash kd it was. Pitbull putting a lot of pressure on Anderson, stuns Anderson again. They clinch near the fence and break. They both swing right hands and miss big. Straight right hand to the body by Pitbull, landed cleanly. Pitbull is slowing down and Anderson is pressing the action a bit until Pitbull lowers his levels and gets the take down. Goes straight to mount. Anderson bridges and leaves his arm out, Pitbull goes for the armbar, then the triangle and Anderson is in big trouble. He slams Pitbull and as Pitbull transitions back to the armbar, Anderson escapes and keeps top control in Pitbulls guard. The ref stands them up. End of round 1.

Fightline gives Round 1 to Pitbull 10-9

Round 2- High kick by Anderson, slips, Pitbull gets top position in Anderson’s guard. Pitbull eases off and lets Anderson get back up.  Anderson gets hit w/ a good left hook and wobbles slightly. Anderson still controlling the center of the cage but not doing enough damage. Both of these guys look a bit tired, they’re fighting in spurts. Pitbull lands some nice shots to Anderson’s body. Anderson throws a nice comber and lands the last right hand of the combo. Pitbull shoots but Anderson defends it well. Pitbull shoots from way outside and when Anderson sprawls, Pitbull flops to his back, he looks gassed. They stand back up and Anderson is pressing the action again. Anderson is consistently walking Pitbull down as the bell sounds.

Fightline gives Round 2 to Anderson 19-19

Round 3- They meet in the center and now Pitbull is walking forward and now that’s stopped. Pitbull circling the fence as Anderson continues to walk him down. Pitbull nods no every time Anderson lands a clean punch or kick but nodding your head doesn’t win you rounds. Pitbull doesn’t look as aggressive as before, who knows if there’s something wrong w/ him. Anderson throwing some nice combos but nothing landed. Still, he’s winning the round based on moving forward and trying to take the fight to Pitbull. Pitbull shoots again and Anderson chucks him off easily. Pitbull falling for all of Andersons feints. Not much power behind Anderson’s punches but they keep landing. Pitbull landed a nice left the made Anderson think for a second but he shook it off. Ten second warning and Anderson is still walking forward.

Fightline gives Round 3 and the fight to Anderson 29-28

Official Result: Derek Anderson def. Patricky Pitbull via unanimous decision (29-28)