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Bellator 98 Play-by-Play Results: Justin Torrey vs Brennan Ward

Middleweight Bout (185 lbs) Justin Torrey vs. Brennan Ward

Round 1- Gggahhtt damn Ward is build!! Ward comes in swining and gets taken down but pops back up. Torry goes for a single against the fence and Ward threatens w/ the guillotine. Nothing on it though. Torrey w/ double underhooks gets flipped over as Ward executes a gorgeous hip toss. He stays on top in Torrey’s guard. Torrey is keeping Ward close but Ward gets some room and lands a few right hands. Torrey goes for a leg lock, a heel hook I believe and as Ward defends, he goes for a lock lock himself but fails and Torrey lands on top. Ward doing a nice job off his back, landing some nice punches of his own. Torrey answers by digging some right hands to Wards body. Torrey clears Wards legs and passes to side mount. Knees to the body and hammer fists by Torrey. Torrey looking for a key lock but Ward defends it well. Torrey gets full mount and is raining down some heavy punches right as the bell sounds.

Fightline gives Round 1 to Torrey 10-9

Round 2- Torrey’s eye is extremely swollen and is closing quickly if not already closed. Before the round started, the ref warned Torrey to protect that eye or else he have to stop the fight. They meet in the center and exchange again, this time Ward gets the TD and lands in Torrey’s half guard. Torrey gets full guard but again, Ward passes to half. Torrey doing a nice job of stifling Ward offense. Ward postures and lands 2 nice right hands and there’s now blood. That mouse might have popped. As ward stands to land some shots, Torrey manages to get back to his feet and now they exchange on the feet. Ward throws and lands a big right hand that stuns Torrey. Ward gets another TD and rains down heavy left hands while in Torrey’s half guard, the eye is pissing blood. The ref has no choice but to step in and call a halt to the fight.

Official Results: Brennan Ward def. Justin Torrey via TKO at 3:28 of Round 2