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Bellator 98 Play-by-Play Results: Jeremy Kimball vs Perry Filkins

Middleweight Tournament Quarterfinal Bout (185 lbs) Jeremy Kimball vs. Perry Filkins

Round 1- Low kicks by Kimball, landing cleanly. Filkins answers w/ one kick. Filkins attacks but hits nothing as Kimball back peddles. Front kick by Kimball lands flush. More kicks by Kimball, this time to the body. Filkins is attacking but nothing is landing. Filkins blitzkriegs Kimball but Kimball circles and doesn’t eat anything hard. Kimball fakes a right hand and shoots in on a double and gets the TD. Filkins uses the fence to get back up, they stand int he center and continue to exchange. Exact same feint and gets the TD again. And again Filks back to his feet an uses the fence to get back up. They meet in the center again. Filkins lunges in w/ a wide right hand, barely misses. Once more, Kimball shoots and get’s it. And once more, Filkins gets back up. Clean crescent kick lands by Kimball and gets a TD right as the round ends.

Fightline gives Round 1 to Kimball 10-9

Round 2- Body kick by Kimball, continues w/ high volume of kicks. Filkins throws a kick of his own but it’s caught by Kimball and gets a body lock near the fence. Kimball almost has Filkins back on the feet. Kimball tries to drag Filkins down but fails and Filkins lands on top, in Kimballs guard. Filkins steps over the half guard and then lands some nice shoulder shots on Kimball. Filkins goes for the mount and Kimball bridges him over and back to the body lock. Filkins hits a switch and goes for the TD but gets caught in a guillotine. He slams Kimball down and escapes easily. They stay on the ground w/ Filkins on top. Kimball doning a great job of defense off his back. Filkins jumps for a punch and misses and allows Kimball to get back up and Kimball goes for a single. Filkins sprawls and gets Kimballs back. He rains down punches just as the round ends.

Fightline gives Round 2 to Filkins 19-19

Round 3- They meet in the center and they continue to exchange. Kimball is looking like the more active fighter as Filkins continues to stalk. Filkins attacks and is throwing caution to the wind, swinging w/ everything. Kimball shoots for a double, Filkins sprawls and immediately shoots himself and gets the TD. Kimball w/ great hand control as Filkins tries to pass his gaurd. Filkins passes and lands in side mount. Kimball risks his back and rolls over and Filkins gets back mount w/ both hooks in and is fishing for a RNC. Kimball is defending it well. Kimball rolls over again and Filkins keeps mount. Kimball rolls over again and again gives his back, this time Filkins sinks in the RNC for the finish.

Official Result: Perry Filkins def. Jeremy Kimball via submission (rear naked choke) at 4:18 of Round 3