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Bellator 98 Play-by-Play Results: Giva Santana vs Jason Butcher

Middleweight Tournament Quarterfinal Bout (185 lbs) Jason Butcher vs. Giva Santana

Round 1- I’m a big sub fan, this should be fun. They meet in the center and Butcher throws some heavy shots. He throws a kick and Santana catches it and takes Butcher down and passes his guard quickly. North-south position as Santana is looking for a kimura. Butcher does a great job get getting guard back. Butcher looking for a kimura while in the half guard. Santana has just passed Butchers guard yet again. Santana doing an excellent job of staying heavy on top and not allowing Butcher to roll over. Santana gets full mount and Butcher looks for the back door escape. Santana stays on top and is now looking for the arm triangle. It looks real tight. Butcher gives the thumbs up. Butcher looking get to get half guard but moves back to mount. Santana goes for his signature armbar and Butcher uses it to get back up. Butcher goes for a toe hold but gets swept in the process and ends up on his back as the bell ends. Awesome jj rolling session. w/ MMA gloves.

Fightline gives Round 1 to Santana 10-9

Round 2- Butcher throwing again but this time eats a few punches. Butcher attacks and Santana shoots but Butcher’s sprawl is too good. Santana looks tired as he lunges in and eats a right hand. He’s stunned as he back peddles into the cage and Butcher attacks and Santana little wilts and flops the ground. Butcher lands a few more punches before the ref jumps in.

Jason Butcher def. Giva Santana via TKO at 1:12 of Round 2